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HW3 will not stay in the lane


Jun 25, 2018
Got to test HW3 first time on my new M3 on a road trip. I was shocked to discover it is performing much worse than my previous M3 on Ap2.5 HW. The new one will cross the lane, swirl to right, and bounce back in between.
Previous car was dead centered all the times, now issues after 15 miles on hw2.5.

How AP HW 3.0 is working for you so far?
Looks like it almost completely missed that first corner, I'm surprised you kept it engaged! I assume that's the one you're talking about versus the one where you disabled it and nearly went into the other lane yourself.

Mine sort of behaves like this, but for the other side. It hugs the left no matter which direction the corner goes. Some rightward turns will cause it to briefly leave the lane, and far too many cause it to get uncomfortably close to the line. I'm apparently HW3.

Perhaps make a service appointment and show them this video. You may not get much sympathy due to going over the speed limit.