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I can't reset the TPMS error message on my Model S

I own a 2013 Model S which I bought almost four years ago through the Tesla CPO program. Two years ago I had three of the tire pressure sensors replaced under warranty. I have had the TPMS error message come on intermitently over the last two years. By doing a reset of the TPMS system by using the Service and Reset option from the menu I have been able to get rid of the error message. Now I find that thanks to a software update this option is no longer available. I also now get a message asking me if I want to schedule and appointment to get the problem fixed. The car is no longer under warranty and I'd like to avoid a costly repair. Does anyone know how to reset the TPMS system from the new menu? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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If it's your TPMS sensors, your tire place can swap those out for you. They aren't expensive. If it's the wireless receivers in the vehicle, that's different. It depends what error you are receiving. It's my understanding that the TPMS system automatically synchs after a certain number of miles. If yours is not doing this, then a service call may be in order to determine whether it's the tire sensors or the receivers that are the problem.

The other question is which version of TPMS do you have? 2013 vehicles did not display individual tire pressures—is that the one you have? I had my 2013 TPMS system upgraded to the new one that displays individual tire pressures. It's a $500 upgrade.
One thing you might try: go to your local tire shop and have them walk the 4 corners of the car and see if that last 4th sensor battery has failed. They have a hand held device that can read what the sensor is transmitting including battery strength, temp, PSI, etc.... or no reading at all. For our older cars (I have a 2014 but with the 2013 sensors) if the sensor is not replaced with a matching serial/ID number (clone), I believe the Service Center will need to be involved. :/
I put my winter tires/wheels on last week. Got sensor error. The RESET mode is gone. These were on the car all last winter till April. I went to tire shop,checked perfect. Called help desk. He said option was there, I sent pictures. Then I get email to take car to SC to get it reset. I go to SC. He says ALL senors are bad, I need TESLA senors. No, they r perfect. Oh, u have Hardware error. NO, I DONT. He says we only read TESLA senors now. I was on trip, I will re install summer tires this week. Come back and update this post.
Can anyone reading this that has other than TESLA senors tell us if the option is still there under Service??
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I changed back to summer tires yesterday. Still no option on Service to reset TPMS.
I was on phone with Draper for 30 minutes. Yes it should be there. It's not.
She said she would elevate to sw dept and get back to me on email.
Will let u know when I get reply.
Don't you have a new option to change the wheel/tire size now instead of a TPMS reset. I assume that if you change the wheel setting and let it restart the MCU that it reset the TPMS system. (So if the wheels you just put on are the same as what you had you might have to change the wheels to something else and then change it back. Two reboots.)
I just swapped on my winter tires using the TPMS sensors I bought from Amazon here
and I started driving.

After about a mile it triggered an alert on the screen that my wheel probably changed, and do I want to reset the sensors. I selected "OK" and it updated everything. So they deleted the button, and just made it automatic.

My car is a 2013 that was upgraded in May to the new TPMS system so I had to replace all of my sensors. They did the 21's with the upgrade under warranty.

I have three sets of wheels so I had the rest done with those Amazon sensors. I ran them all summer in my 19 all season set, and now in winter in my snows.
Running software 2019.32.12.7 presently and I put the snows on Monday night.

Unrelated, but I also change wheel style and that seems to reboot the car and cause various issues until I exit the car, and get back in. This didn't trigger a TPMS reset though, as everyone else observed.
Tesla solved my TPMS warning today, two of the sensors were not responding (assumed dead battery after 4 years and storage in our cold weather garage in Canada).
$160 CDN for each of the two sensors and I'm back on the road with no warnings.
Very satisfied this is resolved now.
The quote for replacing all 4 sensors and upgrade the module to show individual pressures was >$1000.
So went with the $320 replacement of the two failing V1 sensors.

I'm in the market for a P90DL via CPO, so am just keeping the old girl running while I waffle on the upgrade spend. :)
How do you like the Smart car by the way?

Best new car you could possibly buy for $19K taxes included with rebate in Ontario Canada IMHO.
Quick acceleration to the city speed limit (pokey after that).
Full regen braking available in all weather conditions, does not limit due to cold battery.
With 17.6 kWh capacity, it's around 100 km range in most weather, with 7 kW charging, a full recharge is 2.5 hours.
Charging does not throttle, 7 kW charging right to 100%.
There is no charging cap, the car charges to the indicated 100% ever night.

This is my second Smart ED, my 2013 had less than 1% degradation after 4 years when I traded it in for my new 2018 Smart ED. The total maintenance on my 2013 ED was $3 for a tail light bulb. THREE !!!

I'm averaging $200 CAD per month including charging and maintenance over 6.5 years on my two Smart ED's.
Winter tires were $200 for a set of 4 with rims on Kijiji, it's a ridiculously cheap car to maintain!
Recently bought generic (much cheaper) TPMS sensors and after a little trial and error discovered something:

The newer versions of the systems read ACTUAL PSI and display location/numerical readings, but ye olde cars like mine (Baolong) are the "dumb" system and apparently when the PSI is incorrect SOME generic sensors will just trigger an error instead of the "too low" or "too high" messages we are accustomed to. So, check your pressure, then reset and see if the error comes back or not.
Anyone know if there's a way to just disable the TPMS entirely? If it is going to be this buggy (mine has a "fault" which of course doesn't tell me diddly) I'd rather just look at the tires anyway.

My VW TDI has a TPMS system that is VERY advanced - it only sends an alert about a flat tire after you've already changed that tire and put it in the cargo area! If they aren't going to give accurate information, don't even bother me.
So I just put air in my tires 2x. The sensors won’t acknowledge any type of additional air. they are still showing 36 psi per tire. have 21 factory rims and factory Tpms. I’m really wondering if something is wrong with the sensors. Because I took a long drive thinking the sensors would acknowledge the new pressure but they didn’t. Then I filled them more and they are now showing less pressure. Sigh