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I did not get TACC with 6.1, should I have?

Have to say I really have no idea how the OP thinks they have a grievance here.

They ordered a car with certain features, and they got them all, and more besides. Subsequently one of the options they didn't order has been enhanced and they're upset because they aren't getting those enhancements.



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Nov 12, 2014
(Sorry for two posts in a row)

This is not correct. Tech Package is not what was updated, cruise control is what was updated, and then bundled with Tech for current vehicles. It makes more sense to me to bundle TACC with Supercharging as TACC, to my mind, is most valuable in the way it can extend range over distances. Had Tesla chose to bundle TACC with Supercharging capability I would have it. There would be some 60s with Tech who did not get TACC, as an example. It is only going to get more messy.....

My motivation for buying the car is completely irrelevant to the discussion, I mentioned it because there was an inquiry or something. If I bought it to drive it off a cliff or put it in a museum it would make no difference for the purposes of this conversation.

If, if if.
But they didn't, and you didn't. And you still have the best car in the world.


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May 2, 2014
I'm convinced. You should be able to get the TACC either free or for a nominal fee.

The most equitable solution would be for you to pay the full cost, at the time you ordered, of the Tech Package and get the full Tech Package features that you would have had at delivery.

I don't think that will happen.

(bad karma on my future MX delivery hereby averted):crying:


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Jan 12, 2013
I'm convinced. You should be able to get the TACC either free or for a nominal fee.

Let's see, I paid for a 40kwh battery, Tesla installed a 60kwh battery but limited it to 40kwh through software. Do I have a grievance here because I'm not able to use all 60kwh from the battery? Of course not. I have the option to upgrade to 60kwh at any time or I can stick with my 40kwh. That's a very positive position to be in. The person with the autopilot hardware onboard is lucky because he has this choice available. I wish I had the autopilot hardware on board because the technology shows so much promise for highway driving that I'd jump for it once all the desired feature are operational. Choice is good!


Jun 21, 2014
I did not get what I ordered, I got more. Those with Tech package also did not get what they ordered, they got more +1.

People, obviously, do not have to agree with me, and I am not even sure what my position is.

Despite that, people keep making these replies that just don't fit the situation, or as the poster before make a comment that disregards Tesla's stated intent to be continually upgrading the Model S via software. Clearly, with the Model S, if you only got what you paid for Tesla would not be meeting their own intent or the associated customer expectation of continual upgrading.

----I did not order TACC, I did not pay for TACC, I did not get TACC with 6.1

----Those who ordered Tech Package also did not order TACC, also did not pay for TACC, but did get TACC with 6.1

Why is this the case? Is this fair? Why or why not?

I'll leave it at that. I am all ears for constructive posts. I am going to email Tesla about purchasing TACC and I will post what I hear back.
Software is not free to develop. However, many companies, Tesla included, build in the cost of continued software development and maintenance into the cost of hardware.

You absolutely don't have a case. You didn't order the hardware, and as such, you don't get the software either.


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Oct 9, 2013
Nice. However I have been in two brand new loaded service loaners and neither of them had front cameras. I sure hope you are right because I would love one on my new car.

You're sure both that they are brand new (rather than five months old) and that they don't have a camera?

(The camera is buried in the rear view mirror surround and should be fairly obvious there from the front of the car.)

Everything I've read on the forum has said that Tesla started putting the full sensor set on every car a few weeks before the D/Autopilot announcement.


Jun 21, 2014
You absolutely don't have a case. You didn't order the hardware, and as such, you don't get the software either.

Here we go again....THE PEOPLE WITH TECH PACK. ALSO DID NOT ORDER THE HARDWARE!! Such a great conclusion that you had to throw an, "absolutely" into the mix.

I have not emailed Tesla yet but still intend to and will let you guys know what happens.


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Feb 5, 2014
San Diego, CA, US
Seems correct to me. People purchasing today only get it if they order the tech package, so only people who had the tech package before would get it as an update. I don't see how anyone could expect it to work any other way. Not saying you shouldn't ask, but it makes perfect sense.


Sep 22, 2014
Menlo Park
Follow up to my earlier post in this thread.

Took my non-tech package 85S in for service. Car was delivered in Sept 2014 with new hardware. Asked if there was a software retrofit I could pay to have installed to enable adaptive cruise control.

This triggered lots of back and forth, followed by "no chance."

It is strange to me that adaptive cruise control is considered a convenience versus a safety feature. Eg, it's a modification to an existing feature, cruise control, on all Model Ss that makes driving safer. I predict that ACC will eventually become standard.

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