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I finally found a way to secure the floor mats

I have been reading the threads on fixes for the moving and flapping floor mats but did not find anything that I thought would work for me. I looked at some of the aftermarket floor mats folks recommended and while they seem to be of better quality and come in different colors I also read that they would still move around and the passenger mat still flaps when hitting the accelerator in some peoples experience.
I found a fix. You will need a pair of nail scissors and some sort of tool to pinch a hole into a carpet. In addition you will need these:


I had them in a previous live when I was driving a VW Golf. These clips keep the floor mats in place, period.

Here is how to install them. It took me about 20 min to prepare the floor mats and to install them in the car.

1. Mark the spot you want to install the clip (use the lower part of the hole clip as a template) and cut off the little nipples adjacent to the hole.

2. Cut out the hole. Cut about 3 mm outside the lines.

3. Turn mat over and remove some of the shag surrounding the hole using the nail scissors.

4. Insert the top and

5. the bottom of the two piece assembly. I placed the mat onto the floor and stepped on it with my heel to make the assembly snap.

6. Installation in the car: Use a sharp tool to pinch a hole into the carpet below the floor mat. This is easy next to the doors, more difficult closer to the center console. There make sure to use the tool to lift up the carpet to make it easier to screw in the screws.

7. Once screwed in, place floor mat on top and fasten by turning the clip 90 degrees. The floor mat will now be secured.

8. We have all seen it. This is what the passenger floor mat looks like after hitting the accelerator. It flaps over and now sits on my passengers feet.

9. I placed a floor mat screw right at the top of the mat. This will never fold over again. In addition, I placed two screws on the two corners of the driver side mat close to the drivers seat and the fourth screw on the passenger side just below the right edge of the seat. That should do it.

Thanks VW/Audi for making the floor mat screws.


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I have the stock Tesla floor mats that come with the car, circa late August. I do not have any movement, positioning, or flopping problems. What am I doing wrong? LOL

You are definitely not flooring it from a stop enough then. ;)

My passenger side flopped all the time, seemed to be worse when the weather was hotter. After complaining a couple times, more my wife then me, the service center finally added velcro. It works for now, but not what I would call a "fix".
I have the stock Tesla floor mats that come with the car, circa late August. I do not have any movement, positioning, or flopping problems. What am I doing wrong? LOL

Hmmm, mine used to move around all the time. In fact, there was almost a step like structure forming underneath the accelerator. I had to do something. I also tried velcro but could not find a way of attaching it to the underside of the mats. I did not want to use any kind of adhesive tape because I assumed that this would cause a gluey mess eventually.


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May 16, 2013
So I followed these excellent instructions and now have a passenger mat that isn't flopping and a driver mat that isn't creeping up under the pedals.

A few tips: There are little sharp points on the bottom half of the pair that go on the mat itself. They are meant to drive into some carpet material or something. I had to snip them off for the 2 halves to come together. Also cut the hole out a bit generous. The locking mechanism won't work if it is a snug fit.

Also, there seems to be a lot more carpet padding on the door side than the console side. The screws that go into the car side go easily into the door side, but are too long for the console side. Either cut them down, or be ok with it tenting up the mat a bit.
Just did this today but I installed them on the bottoms of the mats. I had problems with the mats sliding up not flapping down. Worth noting I have the newer mats meant for the newer carpets with mat stays built in however I have an old enough car that it did not come with the stays.

Thank you OP for this. Looks factory and gets the job done well.
Hey all,

I just got around to doing this mod, but with Lloyd Mats Velourtex mats. Works and looks GREAT! It's such a relief to not have to be OCD about yanking the mat under my feet back to its origin all the time... Thanks so much to OP @mep for the idea and guidance! For the driver's side mat I popped out the grommeted holes in the Lloyd mat (they put them in there for use with their own anchor system, the look of which I don't love) and used those locations for that mat, then copied those locations to the passenger side mat so they match. If I need new mats in the future I'll request that Lloyd omit those anchor/grommet holes, which I assume they can do. While I'm still in this project I'll put a couple of these anchors in the rear passenger mat as well.

Note: I used a rotary tool w/ the cutoff attachment to cut out the anchor insert/grommet oval outline shape from the bottom side of the mat - works great!



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