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I have to make this confession...

So I drive a fair amont for work. I've been driving in this Model S for about 6 months now, and it's been such a huge blast to drive this car as it's been by far the best car I've had the chance of owning.

In fact, I've been driving a little too much to my liking. Man, I'm gonna be out of a warranty after only a year!

So this past week I was actually glad because I was doing mostly office work which meant I'd slow down on the accelerated aging I'm putting the car through.

But I've been finding myself trying to find errands to do just to get out and drive around a little... It's been an itch.

And now tonight. This itch I can't get rid of. The kids are in bed, my wife is busy preparing income taxes and I'm doing my best to stay out of the office. I can't stand it.

So here I am at a McDonald's 20 miles out just to grab a Coffee because I just had to. Just had to get out there and drive for a bit in my Tesla, just drive around in blissful silence adulterated only by the amazing sound of music from the premium sound system. Just drive nice and slowly. As smoothly as the car can be. With love.

I haven't supercharged this week. I always supercharge at least once or twice per week. Feels kinda weird to say, but that is one guilty pleasure I have with this car, seeing a fellow Tesla pull to a charger next to my car, just saying hello, shaking hands or even just waving from inside the car. The warm comfort of just letting the day's stress wind down as I doze away while recharging to get back home, to the tune of the music that matches my mood of the moment...

I guess this is what being addicted is? Well that is such a powerful feeling, being addicted to the guilty pleasures of driving around in a Tesla.

Man I feel so lucky.

You don't know that before you own one. :D
I don't drive as much as you guys but I drive her hard. :cool:
My signature sort of has it covered when it comes to our mileage. We're in love with the car still after three years and all the km's or miles. There is a daily competition in our home of who's driving the most that day. Took it to Key West - Mile Zero last year, can't wait for cross-Canada supercharging. Only wish would be the ability to have an extended warranty tailored to high mileage users like ourselves. we've been lucky so far but i'm just waiting for the day the screen dies or the sunroof won't close...... Battery and motors, no worries at all.
So often times for lunch I grab some fast food at a place close to my work and sit in my Model S and listen to an audio book while eating. Well recently I realized the proximity of the restaurant doesn't really matter much. With AutoPilot and a good audio book I don't care if I drive 20 minutes each way to get food.
I bought a used 14 MS 85 AP1. Drove 365 miles home picking it up. Trip from PA to NC and the next week. Another 700 mile round trip across PA a couple weeks later. No excuse is too small to zip about. It is my wife’s and my daily driver 90% of the time her old car sits waiting just in case.

We are serously considering going down to just the MS as our only vehicle.
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