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I thought Model X drivers parked poorly


Oct 28, 2019
Orange County
I’ve read how bad Model X driver’s park at superchargers .. two in a row within a span of 3 minutes at the Tejon station in Cali. Lol can’t make this up. Not bashing model 3 drivers just saying poor drivers come in all shapes and sizes :)



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Ampre Sand

Nov 18, 2016
I’ve seen quite a few people have difficulty maneuvering their cars, regardless of brand and propulsion. Backing in to a perpendicular spot is arguably safer, and I’ve read on this very forum that is standard practice for commercial drivers. That said, not many private car drivers practice it compared to front in or parallel parking.

Too bad Tesla hasn’t implemented a Supercharger Parking Mode in all sufficiently equipped cars, FSD regardless. It would recommend the best spots and back you in perfectly, every time. Done well it would save the fleet time and be a perfect tease for FSD.
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Mar 18, 2021
I always back in to spots since I'm used to driving trucks so I'm used to it but when I got to my first supercharger I had to get out and adjust it TWICE lol. Not left/right but I didn't realize the cables were so short. I didn't wanna touch the rear bumper on the concrete block but kept getting out like WTF this cable is short lol. The two people there were like, "noob".


Moderator, Model 3, Tesla Energy Forums
Nov 28, 2018
Riverside Co. CA
They're just trying to ensure no one else uses the same number block as them so they get max charging speed.

That second attached picture sure looks like what you are saying is true. The first one in the body of the post, though, is just somewhat poor parking.

With that being said, I am really (really) NOT a fan of "point N shame" culture. I am saying this as an individual poster, not as a moderator (because there is nothing inherently wrong with this OPs post). I just really dont like "lets all laugh at this person!" type stuff, on a personal level.


Jan 8, 2021
Could be they wanted to give a wide berth to the person next to them since there's no one else on the other side. Still not great parking but then again some people are really stretching that charging cable in their avatar pic. 😂


Feb 16, 2021
Bay Area, CA
It's a skill people will develop, no one was ever taught to back in and touch your tire to the concrete stop. I usually avoid those cause I'm used to having low cars. The first time we went to SC I looked around and said to my wife just do what they're doing touch your tire to the stop lol.


Dec 7, 2018
New Jersey - Morris County
It's a skill people will develop, no one was ever taught to back in and touch your tire to the concrete stop. I usually avoid those cause I'm used to having low cars. The first time we went to SC I looked around and said to my wife just do what they're doing touch your tire to the stop lol.

I drive an X (and a 3) and have no problem backing in. I also don’t backup my wheel to the concrete stop, since my hitch receiver hangs down a bit. So I may have to stretch the cable a bit but I make it work.

Just (about 20 minutes ago) finished an 1100 mile drive, so plenty of Supercharging. I promise I never blocked one person in or out. Zero excuses for that, especially now that the backup camera shows the side repeaters! If you can’t see the lines in those, *you’re over the line!*

We also back into our driveway every day at home for charging purposes, so backing into a spot is natural for us. I’ve always preferred that anyway.
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Well-Known Member
Mar 4, 2017
SF Bay Area
Eh, the lady in the first pic didn’t park perfectly, but she really doesn’t deserve to have her pic plastered on the internet either. Not a fan of this public shaming at all.

If the plate was showing then yes but didn't think this was really identifiable. Looks like they are also wearing a mask but can't tell for sure. Like I said not very identifiable. In this case I think the bigger faux pas is taking up more than your one space. Not cool to do even if there are other spaces around you. I think these tend to be newer drivers who haven't gotten comfortable backing in using their backup camera. Pretty easy to do once you realize how helpful it is and rely on it.
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Dec 8, 2020
South Carolina
I still don't understand why Tesla doesn't FSD in and out of supercharger locations. It's a known space that rarely changes and would significantly elevate the experience. At large supercharging locations have some unloading bays adjacent to the coffee shop etc. Heck, they've already developed the tech and are using it for the Las Vegas boring tunnel loop! This has to be on their radar / coming soon.

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