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I traded my RWD LR for a BMW i3

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But only for 2 days :D

I’m so glad to have Pixie back.

I did feel right at home in the i3 using advanced cruise control though... it rage quit twice, silently quit two other times, freaked out in merging traffic, balked at overcrossings, phantom braked 3 times, and tried to run me into the back of stopped traffic twice.

I looked everywhere and could not find anything that said “use with caution, beta software” so I assume this is BMW’s idea of a mature product.

The battery is good for only 130 miles, so in order to achieve the claimed “over 200 miles” of range it has a gerbil (genset) in the trunk, 600 cc’s, which will very begrudgingly keep your battery charged enough to keep you going. The 2 gallon tank will take you another 70 miles or so.
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