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I will NEVER buy an Electric Car!

How to go from "Electric Car, LOL LAME" to "Tesla's are Interesting, but not for me!" to "Order Placed" in 7 easy steps:

1 - Autocross & Lap TaG & Shifter Karts after Autocrossing many Variants of performance cars (of every "speed category) over the years
2 -Get ruined by said Karts, decide that cars are dumb and don't turn or accelerate.
3 -Be bored on a day to day basis by driving in general by commuting in my Super Comfortable RAM 1500 Laramie Everyday
4 -Be horrified that my boring but super-cushy-luxo-barge has become one of my favorite vehicles I've owned.
5 -Have my wife go-drive a Model 3, who absolutely loved it (we agree to disagree on what we both deem to be "good & fun cars").
6 -Drive a Model-3 myself
7 -Place a Order for a M3P.

I will now be a the proud owner of a cheap Minivan (Vs my Truck & Trailer I just sold) to haul one of my Karts around and will DD my M3P (My wife will autocross the M3P).
Can honestly say I can relate. I've been through some of that (even tried the hybrid path with the little hybrid thing with no acceleration and little gas mileage benefit), and now am eagerly anticipating making the Tesla purchase. Very envious of the purchase and can't wait to join you!
Nah, I am about by cheap beater mini-Van!

By the way, I have the car, I like the car. There’s some annoying rattles that have popped up that should be fixed soon and other typical, questionable, built quality related items that won’t be but I knew what I was getting in to. Overall it fits the Bill and I’m not bored yet so there’s that.
I totally get where you are coming from, I still love big turbo Audis, but the Model 3 is just a much better car. And it happens to be electric too.

Once I had a Performance loaner for a weekend I was sold. All the things I used to love are still enjoyable - shifting just right to hit boost just so, the sound, using power and quattro to play with the attitude of the car through a turn. It's just that the Tesla makes it all flow so well all that mental bandwidth seems so unnecessary.