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IC AP display renders car ahead to the left

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I have this issue where the AP display on the IC renders the car ahead to the left when the car is far. This started with 2018.10 and continued with 2018.12 on my S100D AP2.0 delivered in June 2017 in Canada

On a road with good markings, my IC would render the car ahead too far to the left when the car is at the edge of detection distance, which is comically close like around 100m even though the IC made it look like it is near the horizon. It often shows he car as straddling the left line when it is actually centered. As the car get closer, it would bounce between the wrong left position to the correct centered one, sometimes even splitting into 2 cars with one on left and one in center. The car will eventually be rendered correctly when it is closer (50m).

Note that the actual Autopilot function is just fine.


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What is the maximum distance you guys see a car register on your IC? On mine ap2.0 it seems that a car won’t register until it may be 100m away. You can see in the pic above, the car is maybe 75m away and it is 90% if maximum IC rendering range already. Does ap2.5 sensors have longer range?