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ICBC Discount Questions

Hi all! First this isn’t an ICBC bashing post just a question and something I noticed.

I know Teslas qualify for the 10% autonomous braking discount but does anyone know if Teslas qualify for the passive immobilizer discount? The wording ICBC uses to explain what qualifies as a passive immobilizer refers to ignitions and engines. Both things Teslas don’t have but the principal of of the car not being able to start without the presence of an electronic fob seems applicable. Not to mention that it seems unlikely you could Hotwire a Tesla without a computer science degree.

I know the changes to ICBC are brand new so I don’t know if many Tesla owners have gone through the process yet but just wondering if anyone knows more about this.

Also this is probably not something many people will run into but I did my drive factor score last night and noticed a change. Long story short I lived in a major urban centre for ages so even though I got my L at 16 I didn’t bother to get my N until my mid 20s. Previously ICBC had always calculated my safe driving from the date I first got my L so I had over 10 years of safe driving. Turns out they changed this to safe driving once you got your N so I lost about almost half of my safe driving years. Tbh this makes more sense because it’s not like you’re really driving with an L but still it’s going to have an impact on my rates. Just a heads up for any urbanites who procrastinated getting their N.
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