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Idea for Tesla Referral Code Generator

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Hi all,

So I noticed there’s a huge thread on here where people just post their referral codes in hopes someone will randomly use theirs. Of course, probably the most typical way people find referral codes is from a friend or someone online who posts useful forum posts, YouTube videos, etc.

I had an idea for a generator of sorts where people would submit their referral codes. Then people in search of a referral code would request one from the system and be randomly given one. The system would reduce the probability of assigning someone’s referral codes the more times they’ve been assigned.

Does this seem like a good idea? Would people use it?
Hi everyone,

Weve just pulled the trigger and purchased a new model 3.....the 8k govt incentives were the clincher for us compared to the other options available.

I will probably have a myriad of questions once we get the vehicle, but in the meantime does somebody have a referral code they wish to share so we can benefit from the 1500 km free supercharger credits.

thanks in advance.
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