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Ideas on how to secure a EV parking space while waiting for MX

[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]I'm moving to a new construction condo towards the end of the year and in order to get an EV parking spot with a charger I need to own an EV. Unfortunately, I have a US 11,xxx reservation number for MX and although I live in SF, it looks pretty certain that I won't get mine this year (and I currently have an ICE sedan). Not sure if there is a good solution here but wanted to see if anyone had a suggestion. I suppose I could ditch my current car and lease an EV but I have never leased a car before and not sure if there's a short term leasing that would fit my need. Living in the city, I'm mindful of the number of parking spots I need to maintain so timing of when I get a new vehicle and get rid of existing one will matter as well (although not critical - more for convenience). [/COLOR]
How will they handle all the people who get EVs later? Seems like a very odd policy. Anyways, if you really need to show proof, I'd just buy a Chevy Spark or Leaf or some dirt cheap used EV and resell it after you've secured your spot.