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If you get door dinged while sitting in the car...

Catch a door dinger. What do you do?

  • Tell them to be more careful next time and let them go.

    Votes: 35 10.1%
  • Ask for their insurance information.

    Votes: 238 69.0%
  • Ask for cash compensation on the spot. But how much?

    Votes: 15 4.3%
  • Kick their ass

    Votes: 41 11.9%
  • Other

    Votes: 16 4.6%

  • Total voters


Apr 22, 2019
Santa Rosa, CA
I got dinged, Sentry caught the offender. Went to the Police with the guy’s license plate, they couldn’t care less. Reported to my full coverage insurance. They said they’d run a DMV check. Tesla repair appt tomorrow. Hope to avoid deductible or premium increase: nail the guy!


Nov 18, 2019
Wake Forest, NC
If I'm in any of our other cars, which all have multiple door dings already, I'm probably letting it go. As long as they're not jerks about it. If it's my Tesla, you better believe I'm getting the cash or insurance!


Sep 26, 2018
Silicon Valley
related question. Is there a product to help protect from this and wheel scraping.?
yes there are several product to protect rims. here's a few AlloyGator Alloy Wheel Protection - Protect Your Rims From Scratches , Alloy Rim Wheel Protector., Rimskins | Durable protection for your wheels!, and https://www.rimbladesusa.com/.

Regarding protection for your car, there are also several PPF (paint protection film) products on the market, check out https://suntekfilms.com/suntek-window-paint-protection, https://www.stek-usa.com/, and https://www.xpel.com/.
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Sep 26, 2018
Silicon Valley
I got dinged, Sentry caught the offender. Went to the Police with the guy’s license plate, they couldn’t care less. Reported to my full coverage insurance. They said they’d run a DMV check. Tesla repair appt tomorrow. Hope to avoid deductible or premium increase: nail the guy!
Cops don't care about this stuff but at least file a police report. then take that and the footage to your insurance company. they will go after the other person's insurance and you should be off the hook for your deductible and not get any "at fault" indications on your insurance.
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MS 60

Jun 2, 2014
New Jersey, USA
So, I was at an empty SC, with 7 other empty spots. I was sitting in my less than six months old, MXP100D. This guy pulls in the very next bay. I roll down my passenger window, and start a conversation. Hi, how are you? My guess is that you are new to Tesla, because your car looks great (it was also an X), it was clean (new looking), and the fact that you pulled in directly next to me, makes me think that you possibly are not aware that when two cars share the same transformer, each one will charge slower. As opposed to you moving, and choosing any other spot, so you can get charged up in less time.
He was cordial, and admitted that he was a very new, and proud, owner.
Then, he said something which just amazed me. He said "I heard what you said, but I am still gonna stay here in this spot, because THIS IS MY SPOT!"
Well, I can take just so much BS before I return his silliness. So I tell him "thats funny, but I do not see your name on it."

He goes on to say that at another bay at this same location, he was parked in last time did not work, so now he only uses this one...
I told he he certainly was free to use any bay he wanted, and, I was not in any hurry, so I was ok with it.

Now, this whole conversation lasted just a minute or two, and he still had not even gotten out to plug his car in yet.
Of course, when he did open his driver door, a gust of wind ripped it free from his grip, and slammed it into my car. I still had my window down, so I calmly told him that he easily could have avoided what was about to happen, and I got out and started taking pictures. First, of his license plate, then his car, then him, and finally, my damage. There was a dent roughly about the size that could be covered by holding a dime over it.
He told me that he would pay for the damage after I got an estimate, and gave me his driver license info and a business card.
I got an estimate from a certified Tesla repair shop, and it was $3000!

When I called him, he was as surprised as I was, but he told me he would honor his word, and pay for it out of his pocket, so as to not get insurance involved, and saving me the hassle of dealing with something that is known as "Depreciated Value". I was thankful for that.
Skipping over the endless hassles involved in actually getting paid, eventually, he did pay me, and I did get the car fixed. It is impossible to tell now (as any quality repair should be).

It just goes to show that, if someone with more experience than you tells you something, it may be in your best interest to listen.
It could save you from making a costly mistake.

I neglected to mention in all of the above that I have owned all of the cars Tesla makes (with the exception of the Roadster), and currently still own two.
Now that does not mean anything other than I think I have just a little more experience than this guy who just got his first one. My MS is a 2014 with over 140K miles on it, and my M3P (now sold), as well as this MX are a testament to that fact. And yes, I do have a Cybertruck on order (since day 1).
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Dec 21, 2018
Mid Michigan
I never park my car close to the entrance of any place - it is always away from other cars, usually in a spot where there is an island to one side, and even then I hug that island to give plenty of space should someone park next to me for whatever crazy reason. In garages, I either go up several additional levels or find a 'special' spot with walls next to one side or angled. I also never go to a place that has valet parking. When I go to a SuC, I use the 1st or last one and make sure I am over as far as possible, even if it is a pain to get in/out, and I also back in at a slight angle (but still far from the dividing line). I have not got a door ding in over 15 years doing this, and besides, I can use the (walking) exercise..


Oct 1, 2018
I was charging at a supercharger and when I went to remove the connector it slipped out of my hand and slammed into my car just below the charging port. Created a nice little dent that looks just like a door ding. I almost kicked my own ass but didn’t want the situation to escalate so walked away.


New Member
Apr 1, 2019
San Diego
I had a ding as well by someone. I have a Model S 100D. I decided to have it fixed and the person paid for it. I have a video of it. I realize there might be other dings not from someone (rocks from road). I also have it wrapped to protect from rocks on the highway.
My grandson opened the rear door of my MS and made the slightest scratch (more of a scuff mark) on the door of the AUDI parked next to me.

I am 100% sure that a light cut and polish would have removed all trace of it but I told the owner I would cover any cost. The quote came in at $730 because, evidently, there was a slight dent. Must have been about .01mm deep because I sure as hell couldn't see it. But, it was caused by my car so I paid him.

I love my car beyond words and I try and keep it perfect but, if the exact damage happended to mine, I would tell the person that I appreciate the offer and will see how a polish goes and let them know.

On another issue, I had hail damage to my car resulting in 16 dents, including one on the crease on the front guard, a little like an earlier post, and I had a local dent remover fix all of them perfectly for the huge sum of $165. So I cannot understand quotes of $1,000+ unless the paint cracks requiring a respray.
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Jun 19, 2019
Germantown TN
For dings and noticeable dents in a new car or well-maintained car, I recommend you first try companies like 'Dent Doctor' or 'Dent's Away" for removing them with no damage to the paint and looks just as new. Over the past few years I have used companies like them and both instances were way below my insurance deductible.


Red Model 3
Apr 27, 2016
Or one owned by someone who doesn't mind a little extra walking when they park :)

Eloise’s first scratch was when some lazy fool left their Costco cart in the parking spot next to us, and the next car that pulled into the spot pushed it into her. The incident predated Sentry Mode. Now we park even further away.

Each situation is different. I voted insurance, but for me, it’s really dependent on whether the driver owns the mistake and respects that harm was done, rather than getting mad if my reaction isn’t the most favorable to them.
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Jan 9, 2020
California, USA
Guy did this in a truck next to me while I was in the car. Hit hard enough that the whole vehicle moved quite a bit and startled me. He didn't see me in the vehicle. He looked at the car, then walked into the store. I was so pissed. I got out and looked but didn't see any damage. I moved the car over a space. Then I kept hoping he would come out so I could tell him to BE MORE CAREFUL with other people's things.

Sadly, my wife and kids came back from the store before he did, so I never did get to address him.


Apr 22, 2019
Santa Rosa, CA
Solved! My insurer used my Sentry footage with the DMV, found the guy, found his insurer. Took over a month and they didn’t authorize Tesla’s $2k quick & easy door replacement but made me go to a bodyshop, Tesla approved fortunately. Repair was $1,700 plus 5 days rental car (which I waived under this corona situation; who knows who’s been in there) so all in all it took way longer and if I had taken the rental their cost would have been same or higher. Oh well, at least it’s done, done well, and no cost or rate increase. Thank you Tesla Sentry System!!

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