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I'm covering my interior camera as soon as I get my 3.

They'll have to try a little harder to spy on me. They (NSA, CIA, Tesla) don't get to use the interior camera in my car!
One of the reasons why such a camera might be good is to enforce that users keep alert when using Autopilot that is not FSD. So if you plan to order that they might disable Autopilot for good reason. Too many deaths already because people don't use Autopilot as designed.
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I've covered up the camera on my notebook for similar reasons, I don't need it for anything anyway. Will do the same with the Model 3 camera. (As I would with any other car that came with an interior camera.) There was an outcry years ago when automakers suggested using interior cameras for their sleepy-driver-alert systems, so they implemented such systems using alternative means).
I'm against all this nanny-pampering anyway. I have driven cars safely for over two decades, and I never needed a sleepyness alert, a blind spot warning, lane departure warning or anything similar. Sorry to say, but If you can't drive a car safely without using such systems, you shouldn't have been awarded a driving-licence in the first place imho.
I'm not much of a privacy guru, my laptop camera is exposed, and I use Google for everything.

But I laugh, Everytime someone complains about an intrusion into their privacy the argument of, "they already do X to invade your privacy, so what are you going to do about Y?" Ie. Why not let them do Y.
Just because someone can invade an area of someone's life where they value their privacy doesn't me you should just roll over and accept it, let alone facilitate it.
For those cynically asking about covering iPhone selfie cameras... You do know the vast majority of the time your phone is in a pocket, purse, or being held up to your ear, right? How is it supposed to film you if you’re not actually in frame?

I’m definitely not the tin-foil hat type, but I’ll absolutely have my interior camera covered until I get an official explanation for how/what/when the footage will be used, as well as who has access to it. Clearly it’s not needed for FSD functionality otherwise S/X would have had them from the beginning, and since Tesla has demonstrated their willingness to release data involving autopilot accidents without occupant/owner consent, the camera will stay covered.
What if the camera is used in the future to monitor your "attentiveness" when using Enhanced AutoPilot (instead of the current method of detecting your hands on the steering wheel) - will you give up AutoPilot rather than leave the camera uncovered?

I believe Tesla claims that, at the moment, it is not active but I would not be surprised at all if someone got into an accident, blamed Tesla for the accident and then all of a sudden images from the interior camera showed up to exonerate Tesla from blame...