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Improve screen warnings

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I appreciate all of the audible warnings Tesla provides when driving, but many times it can be confusing what they are for. It would be much safer IMO if all of these warnings had the option for a spoken warning and larger / longer display on the screen. In both my S and my 3, the audible warnings alert me to an issue, but often the screen warning is too small, and/or visible for too short a duration, to see and react quickly to what the warning is for. Adding the option of a spoken warning, in conjunction with a more visible, easier to read screen warning, would be much safer to me. This is especially true for the 3, as I have to take my eyes off the road during the warning to attempt to read the screen; at least on the S, the warning is presented directly in front of my line of sight.

It seems this would be an easy software change to implement, and providing at least the option for a spoken warning and / or a more easily visible written explanation might help many folks react better to the multiple warnings the car provides...