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In case you haven't seen yet - leaked v11 pics from refreshed Model S

I'm very interested to see how V11 translates to MY/M3, there's a lot more processing power in the updated MS/MX to handle transitions and animations something that comes natural with cards.

I like the "wallpaper" addition and hope that somehow makes it to MY/M3.
I'd like to think I'm open to many new things but that just feels a bit too much to rely on gear changes via the screen only (and this is coming from someone that works in software development).
I agree. Shifting gears is done via muscle memory, and I’m usually looking around before shifting. I’m not sure if I could get comfortable shifting by having to look at the screen each time. I will reserve judgement until I try it though.
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Changing gears is done by computer using sensors to predict the proper gear to engage. Driver can easily override computer by selecting gear on either touch screen of with buttons in the center console.

Could be a scenario where it predicts correctly 99% of the time. That actually would be very cool.
The few times you have to select, may be a min issue.
It would suck though, if you thought, it thought it was in drive, and when you hit the gas, it goes backwards. ...
Tesla v11 software leaks in look inside refreshed Model S test vehicle - Electrek

Looks pretty good to me, and IMO takes cues from several popular operating system UIs. Still, rather than a major UI overhaul, it would be really valuable to me to have 360 degree birds-eye camera, ability to turn off the passenger side air vents, and other features...
You can manually turn off the passenger air vent FYI.. just hold your finger on the screen where it shows the passenger airflow for about 5 seconds. The reverse turns it back on.