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In Praise Of MK Service Centre

Just had my first SC experience, having booked the car in for a few snags from delivery, I found another couple to add - and have that scheduled for mid October. However last night, the front license plate decided to part company with the car on one side while I was driving, and although I salvaged the plate, the outer frame didn't do well.

I texted back to the SC (from their confirmation notice), and explained, and they told me I could run it in at any time to be fixed asap - we're close enough that I did so this morning. Ten minutes later, all done - and they came to do a pre check on the issues for the mid October visit in case parts needed.

Couldn't have been happier - lovely bunch of people, great customer service, and.....Jaffa Cakes to go with the coffee :)

Together with the positive sales experience from Jibril at MK, I'm feeling fortunate that we're nearby.

So for those getting frustrated waiting for their cars, or aggravated because of faults, take solace in the great customer service and after sales support.....
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Wow - a positive sales experience from MK! They were almost enough to put me off getting one, absolutely horrendous to deal with.

Only ever hear good things about the SC though :)

Oh no! We went in - chatted to Jibril, arranged a test drive - then gave ourselves a 'cooling off' period - then bugged him with lot's of questions and he gave us great advice, walked us through the process, actually gave us a realistic order to collection estimate and kept on top of the delivery process all the way through (even giving us updates on car location). Couldn't have asked for more.......

Sorry you didn't have the same, assuming it wasn't Jibril?
Sadly Jabril was involved in one of the incidents, turns out the poor fella can't use the booking sheet for test drives, either that or the other guy that called me up was lying, hard to know to be honest! That was the second time they'd let me down (first was worse and a fair bit ruder to deal with).

Cambridge and Arsalan on the other hand were amazing, I'd recommend that guy to anyone. After MK messed me around for the 2nd time, he saw my rant on Facebook (TOGUK group) and bought a Model 3 to my house to drive after work on a weekend, the guys a legend.