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In V10 how to send videos to play in the Tesla Theatre?

Version 10 update:

Excellent list of products.

  • Smart Summon (beta) "Check"
  • Spotify "Check"
  • Tesla Theater – watch movies while charging "Check"
  • Improved driving visualizations on-screen "Check"
  • Map improvements (feeling lucky, tap to navigate) "Check"
  • Caraoke (yes, what you think it is!) "Check"
  • Cuphead game "Check"
  • Sentry mode improvements (new folder, auto-delete) "Check"
  • Joe Mode (turn down chimes) "Check"
Got em all....but wait.

What about the ability to send video's to play in the Tesla Theatre? How do you do that? Can anyone share how that works.


Any help would be great.
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Currently doesn't work. There is an ability to share via a video, and it says sent to car. Just have no way to find it currently. Or maybe it was never really sent. Similar to how you would send an address from google maps or Waze in the drop down on your phone.

Any luck with your DV claim @Garlan Garner ?
How do I send videos to play in the Tesla Theater from my iPhone? The release notes only say to "Share" the video link with the Tesla mobile app. Okay...how?
Share means use the share option from the app in question. Share to the Tesla app like you do addresses to the Nav. Be sure it’s set to the right car if you have more than one.

I’ve not done this but that’s how sharing works. The correct file type should go to the correct app in the car.
How do you do this and why would you send a YouTube video from your phone to the Tesla app and then have it play in the car? Wouldn't it be easier to just use YouTube directly from the car?
It bridges a gap with someone IM you a funny video and your buddy sends it to you and you are able to receive it on your phone, then you want to play it in your car...without searching for it.
If a link can be send by mobile app and play in Tesla Theater on the browser, is there a link to the Teslacam folder containing videos of dashcam and sentry mode? I really want to view video footage in the usb without plugging in a different device......
I want to view MP4's stored on the SSD...
When I try to share a video I made in iMovie with the Tesla App I get a response on my Iphone: ERROR There was a problem sharing content with your vehicle. Please try again later.

Although no success the fact that this response refers to "your vehicle" says something. I got no response when I tried to share a YouTube, Netflix and HULU video. It makes no sense to me the "supported video sources" are referring to the Apps you already have in Tesla Theater.