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Inaccurate current transducer causing bad solar generation and home usage numbers

Has anyone seen something like this with their system? You can clearly see that the "home usage" increases and decreases with the solar production when I wasn't home.

I have narrowed this down to the current transformer overestimating solar production by 5-10%. Confirmed it with my own current transformer and the solaredge data.

Basically, the measured current is 5-10% bit high so it gets worse as the sun goes up. That current has so go somewhere, so Tesla assumes the home load is increasing/decreasing with the inaccuracy. You can see at the peak, the home load was 0.6kw and at sunset it was 0.3kw when in reality it was exactly the same. The little peaks are from my fridge.

If anyone has noticed this before, did you have any luck getting this fixed? I know it's a pretty minor issue.


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I haven't seen anything like it - your constant ripple usage looks suspicious. Home usage is derived data (solar production + grid usage). Have you tried comparing grid usage values in the app to your utility's data (or meter)? There are many cases where improperly installed CTs cause data problems in the app. In my case, Tesla had misconfigured things for me in their data mapping process resulting in the app showing improper grid usage values (see Tesla app not showing home usage when there is solar ).
I was wondering about the ripple too and finally realized it's just my fridge kicking on and off. That's not normal? Maybe I need a new fridge... haha

My grid data from Tesla is very close to the utility data, it's just my solar and home usage that is wrong. I can live with it though 🙂