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"Inch Empire" Seat Covers for Model 3

Mod Y Guy

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Jul 28, 2017
Hello, this is just an informative post for anyone considering seat covers for their Model 3. I'm aware it's not for everyone but I thought for those considering this I would provide my two cents. I've owned my Model 3, with standard black interior, since May 2018. The vegan leather has held up well but I'm always looking for a project and thought I might try a pop of color with the interior. I chose to go with the "Wine Red" option from Inch Empire (through Amazon) which is a more subdued reddish-maroon tone. At $299 they were definitely more affordable than the covers offered by Taptes. The quality is quite good and the fitment is probably an 8.5 out of 10. They arrived quickly, in two days, plus I had the luxury of free returns if I had second thoughts (I'm keeping 'em though). I figure if I get tired of them, somewhere down the line, they'll be easy enough to remove. No harm, no foul. Install took between 3 to 4 hours all in, it's more time consuming then one would think, but is not necessarily difficult. That did include watching various install videos since the directions are mediocre. An added bonus was that there was no funky smell or any airing-out period needed. The covers give the car a new look, to change it up a bit, and they'll protect the seats from my two kids and the occasional trip with my dog inside. For anyone in the market for seat covers I would say these are a nice option.

Covers [1].jpeg

Covers [2].jpeg

Covers [3].jpeg

Covers [4].jpeg

Covers [5].jpeg
That looks really good. Can you take a photo of the back of the front seats? Are those fully covered?

Also, does it look like it will come loose over time? That seems to be the biggest issue I’ve seen with seat covers: they look great at first, but after a few weeks loosen up and start to look not so good.
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Very nice, personally I do like the matching center arm rest. How is that attached? Usually I see a wrap around Velcro but hoping for a more finished look.
Yah, it's nice to have the option to have the armrest cover on there or not. It does add a bit more cushion for the elbow. :) it simply slides over the armrest with two elastic straps. It's not a great fit but works well enough.
DK21: thanks for this informative post. How difficult was it to install? I'm asking because I ordered some Rixxu Classics, which were advertised by CARID.com as a fit for the model 3, but were not. I am moderately handy but very short on time—does this require, for instance, removing the rear seats to obtain a good fit? Is this something I could delegate to a TaskRabbit or an upholstery shop?
Hello, I've since sold my Model 3, and am actually looking to sell the very covers you see in this post. In perfect condition (only on the car for a couple months).

To answer your question @Windfall you do need to remove the rear seats to get the proper fit. Not difficult to do really. The whole install is fairly time consuming though at 3 to 4 hours all in. I'm sure an upholstery shop could do it without issue.