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Incomplete pickup location

hi, 2.5 weeks ago I put a deposit down on a 2015 used model s 90d with Tesla in the UK (I’m in Ireland though).
I filled in 5 of the 6 steps online, uploading documents etc. but the pickup location is still incomplete. When I click it it says:
“Please contact your delivery specialist to make changes to your pick up information.”
“Please select pickup location”
Sales rep contacted me about a day after I placed deposit asking me if pickup in Manchester was ok, I replied that was fine but my order is still at 5/6. I have heard nothing since, emailed sales rep about 3 times and emailed customer support, haven’t heard a single thing back.

Am I missing something on the location part. There’s no map, no list, nothing to pick a location.
I haven’t been contacted by any delivery rep or anything like that. It’s 3 weeks on Thursday, desperately want the car.
The customer service is shockingly bad.