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Indianapolis - Tesla Store Keystone Mall open 12/13


I've heard several rumors regarding a service center in Fishers, as well.

My wife would absolutely love this. We can make it to Indy on a single charge, but then we have to stay overnight while we charge back up. I would hope it would come with a Supercharger capability, but I wouldn't mind a 4-hour charge time from an HPWC at the mall. Circle Center would be better, IMO, with more stuff to do downtown, but hey... we'll take what we can get.
If we can't have one in Cincinnati, Indianapolis would be my next choice. I go there for work once a month or so, so at the very least it would be nice to have a 14-50 to charge with in the garage so I can get back home in the same day.

When I asked GeorgeB about a Cincinnati showroom at the LA get amped event, he said that it is on their list of locations, and will likely be at Kenwood town center. He did not have an estimated date, simply saying they want to hit the larger population centers first. He did tell me that Columbus was getting a service center soon, and that turned out to be true, so hopefully Cincy will get a showroom eventually.
Here are the recent job search locations.
The Fashion Mall/ Keystone at the Crossing location is currently under contruction.
Thanks for bumping this thread back up! Not sure how we missed it, but there was a mall press release on 9/13 with more info about the store:
The Fashion Mall at Keystone: TESLA Motors to open in Fashion Mall Indy! - Indianapolis, IN
Electric car drivers and enthusiasts will be excited to know that Tesla, the California-based manufacturer of premium electric vehicles, will open at The Fashion Mall at Keystone this November before Black Friday and the holiday season. This will be the first Tesla location in the Midwest, and the showroom will be located in the Fashion Cafe next to Raleigh Limited Menswear.
BTW, the guys at Raleigh Limited told me about this and I posted the rumor about 6 months ago.

Sorry I went through most of my posts. The earliest that I found was 8-13 when I posted the rumor. I think for the first time. There is also a possible service center in Fishers.
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