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Info for new owner


I've had my 3 for a few months now and just discovered that there are manual door handles. Was wondering if there was a site, youtube page, etc that's the goto for all tesla vehicle owner's info. Basically an in-depth instructional video on all the features.

The primary place to go to for in-depth information is the owners manual, which is built into the car and also available on your Tesla account.

There are tons of "hidden features" YouTube videos if you prefer that format.
You’re serious?

If so, I have to suggest you RTFM, either online at your account on Tesla.com, or in the vehicle itself, or linked in every forum having anything to do with Tesla.

As for YouTube videos, there are dozens on virtually every ownership topic. Search for a specific subject and you’ll get several results. Search for a general topic and you’ll get dozens.

Again, I have to ask, is this at all a serious query?
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Thanks for the all the replies. I didn't know if there was a goto place for like 'new owner basics' or something. Thanks for the useful info.

This site doesn’t have a FAQ or New Owners section unfortunately. I highly recommend typing “Tesla Model 3” into YouTube and watching some of the reviews or How-To’s.

The manual for the vehicle is digital, it’s on the car but I think you can get to a copy on your phone or email it.