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Info on delivery of my car from the factory to the Service Center

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I have a new 90D that should be assembled having started down the assembly line on 8/10/15. I live in Connecticut.
My Delivery Specialist gave me a tentative delivery date of September 11, although mytesla.com states delivery as
late August-early September. I'm excited about my new Tesla and must be available when the car is ready for delivery.
My DS told me that transit time is usually 10-14 days. That puts my delivery around the end of this month or very early
next month. I was hoping to get it before Labor Day weekend. Where is the depot on the east coast?
But where is that hub on the east coast? Newark, NJ, Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA? I just think that if Tesla says the transit time between the plant and the Service Center is 10-14 days to the east coast, then there's almost 2 weeks of what (?) between the car's arrival on the east coast and a September 11 delivery.
My Delivery Specialist (at the Decatur, Georgia location) said my car would be transported by train to Mobile, Alabama and then by a closed carrier from there, so, Mobile, AL is one possibility, but, I would think there would be a location in the northeast that trains would be taking cars to.
Pippen, have you visited the Milford SC? they can fill you in as to the various routes your car may take. also your DS should be able to answer that question for you. I suspect it will come in to the Milford SC via enclosed auto carrier.

also if you ask in the New England sub forum, perhaps many current CT owners may share their recollections of the various routes the cars take to get here.
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OP - Unfortunately I think you should trust your DS on the timing. I am currently going thru the same process. My DS called me early on and told me it would be available the week of 8/17. At the time this made no sense to me because I knew it had just finished production but fast forward to today and I'm taking delivery tomorrow (8/17). Here's the break down of dates:
6/26 - Ordered
7/3 - Confirmed
7/14 - Started Production
7/21 - Ended Production

So it took from 7/21 until 8/17 to get the car from Fremont to Nashville. Tesla was in no hurry to make this happen. Examples - it sat at the rail yard in CA for a week before it started its journey and then it arrived in Nashville on 8/11 late (or very early on 8/12) but they couldn't get it ready until tomorrow.

My point in all this is that there are delays in the process and the DS knows how this normally shakes out. I'd trust the estimate but keep a glimmer of hope at a pleasant surprise.

At any rate - congrats on the car. It will be awesome for both of us I hope!! Word of caution: You are anything like me you will get very hungry for information about the ownership experience and start obsessively reading TMC post. Don't get down about the negative stuff. There have been some dark moments over the last two months were I began to second guess my decision because of things I've read here. I remind myself that the TMC community is the vocal minority (both good and bad) and probably needs to be taken with a small grain of salt. If you get down - just watch one of Bjorn's videos or the dozens of mainstream reviews that remind you how awesome Tesla really is.
Thank you everyone for your support with this inquiry. I thought initially it was a kind of a stupid question to be asking about my car's transit from assembly line to the SC. I've followed cars I've purchased that were assembled in Europe for years, and it's fun to watch their travel as your anticipation builds for delivery day.

ArtInCT: After my order confirmation, a Tesla Sales Manager directed me to the Milford, CT SC for delivery. I took a demo drive with the Mount Kisco, NY Sales Manager last June in Old Saybrook, and I decided to continue my relationship with Tesla with him through that SC. My assigned DS at that SC has been very supportive and given me the September 11 delivery date with no other information. I've been watching cars shipped east on the Model S Delivery Survey on this forum and noticed that some cars had very short transit times and others didn't. I was just hoping mine would ship east quickly without sitting in the parking lot waiting for transit. I've communicated with another purchaser on this website from MA whose car seems to have been on the assembly line with mine this past week. I'm assuming our cars will be on the same rail car east in the coming weeks!
I think Tesla is using both trucks and rail for east coast delivery. My P85D was scheduled for rail delivery and I got the lengthy email from my DS explaining the 30 days transit time on rail with two rail hubs (chicago, NJ). Then all of a sudden, my car got stuck "In Production" for 4 weeks. When it came out of production, I got a surprise call from my DS stating that due to production delays, the car was now being sent by truck so that they deliver it ahead of the "Late August" delivery schedule. So clearly, not all cars to the east coast are coming on rail.
Since I live only 4 miles from the Milford SC and visit there quite a lot here is some latent data that I have picked up....

Talking to an enclosed car carrier driver, He brought 3 cars from Fremont to CT stopping in Colorado and Kansas City (to drop off 3 others) enroute to Milford, direct. That was about 4 weeks ago. Also an open carrier truck dropped off one P85D from New Jersey that same morning... I went and got them coffee while they waited for the SC to open up. So it seems that cars travel various routes and methods to get to Milford, CT. All the best to you, do you have your walk thru checklist made? Did you get your garage wired for the S?

That is next on my list of things to do.... I had my two car garage modified to have one large 17' wide door, taking out the middle post. Much more width. Nice.
Next is to get a new 200 AMP service brought into the barn/garages and my HPWC installed with additional outlets. I will probably start that work in October.

Keep us posted as to what you find out... BTW, in looking at my notes, the minimum transit time from Fremont to Milford is about 7 days and it can take over one month at times if the car sits waiting for logistics and batching. Winter time transit is most problematic from what I recall due to the weather conditions.

Hey, your car may have the new design rear facia chrome strip and the new pano roof and LTE as well. Sweet.
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ArtInCT: The Mount Kisco, NY Sales Manager has been very helpful to me, and I might rely on him for transit information in a few days. I'm going to wait to see if myteslamotirs.com profile changes from assembly to transit before I contact him. I don't have a checklist made up yet, but I've recently read two very good books I'd recommend with lots of information in them: "Owning a Model S" by Nick J. Howe and "Tesla Model S" by Frank van Gilluwe and Kim Rogers. Both were ordered from Amazon. I ordered a Wall Charger which I received a few days ago. My electrician will install it next week. Fortunately, I have a fused wall panel on a wall already in my 3-car garage, so running a hard wire from that to the charger will be relatively easy. I didn't like having to rely on the charging cable in the car connected to a 240V socket as I was afraid I'd leave it in my garage on long trips. I've ordered Lloyd Luxe mats for my car as I realize the mats that Tesla provides aren't as nice. I've also ordered a center console shipped to Mount Kisco for installation in the car prior to delivery. I need storage for small items since the glove box isn't close to the driver's side of the car, and the center armrest holds nothing. I think I'm well prepared for the car's arrival- the checklist being all that's necessary. If you wish to keep in contact outside of this website by text, my cell phone is (860) 674-0020, and I'm in Farmington. Looks like I'll be getting the latest updates in the car, and one of the first 90D's in Connecticut! Woo Hoo!

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ArtInCT: Somehow I believe my transit time will be quick. I've noticed in this part of the forum in the Assemby/Delivery section, quite a few New England bound cars being assembled this past week. These might all ship together soon thus eliminating a lengthy wait time for a rail car or truck carrier! Here's hoping!
hey that is great news. Along with your HPWC I would suggest you add a separate outlet so that if the HPWC should ever fail you can use your UMC to charge the car. Just a suggestion for a backup.

Ok, so it appears your delivery site is Mt. Kisco as that is where your center console is going... Right?
Mt. Kisco cars usually come to Milford, SC first then they get trans-shipped up there due to some ordinance that Mt. Kisco has on 18 wheelers.

I would love to see your Lloyds matts. I have never seen them and was looking at them. And yes, I have both of those books although they are somewhat becoming dated. Perhaps Nick is constantly updating hise ebook version but I own the hardcover edition.

Are you going to go to the big Northeast Tesla Meetup in Mass? Check the Northeast forum it should be really good. You have to sign up so they can get the count right. There could be LOADS of Model S and Roadsters there. It is at the end of the month in September. Here is the link --> Big Party for Tesla owners, fans, environmentalists legislators / fundraiser

Best, Art
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I just went through the process. Ordered 7/3, confirmed 7/9. I was told if I confirmed early they could bump me up in queue. Production started 7/20 and was completed 8/7. DS felt bad because build was delayed at the factory, so they shipped it on a truck vs. train. P85D arrived after 4 days and I took delivery on Saturday, 8/15 at Highland Park, Illinois service center. It was touch and go because engineering determined the MCU (17 inch screen) needed to be replaced and all they had was a 3G in stock. Fremont shipped a 4G/LTE unit on Friday, installed Saturday and picked car up just before close on Saturday night. Delays during this process were exaggerated because so much information (and misinformation) is available on line. Vehicle is brilliant.
I have a stand alone generator at my house run by natural gas from the street. My garage is hooked up to this generator so my garage doors will operate in case of a power outage. My WC will part of this system. I don't expect to have any charging problems with this setup. Plus, there's 8 Supercharger stalls 5 minutes away at WestFarms Mall! Perhaps I should look into taking delivery from Milford, CT versus Mount Kisco, NY, if the delivery time is shortened several days.

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ArtInCt: Shucks! I just saw that party in Wellesley, MA on September 26. Unfortunately, I'll be at MSG in NYC for a Billy Joel concert that night. Guess you'll have to take notes for me!
Billy Joel would take priority for sure (we recently saw Little River Band in Westport and Kansas and Sly and the Family Stone in Hamden and the Gin Blossoms in Milford).... I will take notes and some pics probably at the Mass Tesla event. Regarding the secondary outlet... I too am close to 4 SuperCharger stalls as well as the HPWC's at the Milford SC if I was in a pinch. What colors did you order and other option stuff?

Mine with be the P90D + Ludy, Sound, Pano, Leather Premium, Next Gen, air suspension, 19" stock wheels, (already have a new set of 19" stock powder coated Dark Grey for Nokian snowtires) also Winter Package in the Dark Metallic Grey with Tan Leather Seats and matte Obeche wood and black alcantana headliner. I will pass on the Autopilot as I do not foresee myself wanting or using any of it but could always add it on as an aftermarket option at the SC. I will be ordering late in the year for a late March Delivery in Milford thus bypassing the winter. When it gets in, I will have the entire front wrapped with possibly both side doors in Xpel Ultimate and the car detailed and paint corrected and coated by Automobilia who is about the best in our state.

Wow you got your car pretty quickly AND that seems like super service to get the 17" display issue resolved so well. Glad you are now very happy with it and many safe and wonderful miles to you!
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