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Innovation: technical solution to prevent a learner from mis-using gas and brake

Discussion in 'Cars and Transportation' started by jack.yang, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. jack.yang

    jack.yang New Member

    Mar 19, 2015
    Below is my wild thinking. I do not know whether it is practible or not. If tesla adopts it, my pleasure.

    It seems very common that a learner or nervous guy mis-use gas when he / she was try to stop the car by break. This is really dangerous. I and my wife had such made mistake and fortunately, nobody was hurt except money loss.

    Solution 1: Software. Driver can manually setup the car under learner mode or normal. Under learner mode, fierce step on gas will not cause sharp acceleration by motor. Instead, driver will be notified by voice / dialog that the action might be a mis-use of gas. To make the action in effect, driver should either disable this mode, or do something to confirm, or kick another more step, etc.

    Solution 2: Acceleration safety. In this solution, a physical button is involved in steering wheel. If driver is trying to accelerate, he / she firstly press the button and then step on gas. Just like somebody is trying to shot by a gun, he should firstly switch the safety to fire mode. This might cause some user experience issue before a drive got used to it. However, a car is as dangerous as a gun, buyer might be OK to this design.

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