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[installation notes - Cleantech ] Hella Wipers

I ordered Hella CleanTech wipers from Rock Auto. Took a bit of time to figure out how to fit - so hope these notes help

1. Put car into Service mode from display - (Wiper Service is towards bottom of the service screen) - that make wipers come up a couple of inches

2. Removing OEM blades is easy - there is a little button to press down on - on top of the end of the arm - and the whole blade just slides out (mine were a bit stiff but they come out pretty easy).

3. The Hella Wipers come with a few different adapters. There is one with the little button on the top. Clip out the standard adapter and clip in the "button" one. (One of mine clicked in very easy, the other needed persuasion with a rubber mallet)

4. Now you will notice the shape of the Hella adapter is not cut out like the Tesla OEM - so it will not fit into the arm. However, there is a plastic tab on each side, if you break these away (use screwdriver pull away the plastic tab from the adapter body) the adapter will now fit into the wiper arm.

5. Now just slide the new blade into the arm and make sure the button clicks into the hole in the arm.

Cost was about $12 plus tax/shipping.


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