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Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf


Early adopter of headaches
Aug 23, 2019
New York
What part numbers did you order?
1622252-98-B (SP, C Pillar Upper Trim, ASY, LH)
162253-98-B (SP, C Pillar Upper Trim, ASY, RH) 1641293-97-B END ITEM, PARCEL SHELF

And about a month ago they revised it to:

C PILLAR UPPER TRIM, ASY, LEFT HAND(1661180-00-A) (which was correct part)
C PILLAR UPPER TRIM, ASY, RH(1494609-00-H) (which was the incorrect part - no parcel shelf support)


Nov 24, 2018
They are extremely strict about not selling parts now at the service centers. After going through multiple scs here in Socal I finally managed to have one ordered the parts for me only to get shot down at pick up. The parts dept mgr will go out of their way not to sell these because apparently if they do they will have to provide a written explanation to the regional head on why the parts was sold. My guess it there is a supply shortage right now and they will provide their own retrofit later down the line for the other cars.
I've must have gotten luck. Ordered mine mid October and picked up the parts mid November. Just installed it yesterday. Took me two days because I couldn't pass the opportunity to slap on some sound deadening material to both rear areas and next to the subwoofer. Took a day for the stuffs to arrive from Amazon. Only took 30 min to do the entire rear area. The rear quarter of my car is completely solid now. And I did remove everything including the bottom panels and tub so putting everything back was pretty ez. I did find all 12 of those white clips (6 per side). There's no way I would find them if I didn't remove everything. The seat belt bolt removal was a breeze.

For me the biggest difference is the noises from the rear. The parcel cover definitely helped. Now I just hear wind noises from the front of the car mostly the windshield. I have to pay attention to hear anything from the rear. Previously the rear was pretty noisy. In terms of ROI, this was the best $250 every spent on car stuffs.
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I don't see why not. Upon checking the EPC there aren't specific upper C Pillar trims for 7 seater. Only the lower trims have specific trims cause of the armrest. The seats shouldn't be impacted by the shelf ledge either because the armrest protrudes out further than the ledge, but might be weird for anyone sitting back there cause the shelf ledge is at head level.

I will be getting these for my 7-seater when it arrives also if it doesn't come with it already.
did this work for 7 seater?
I just ordered the shelf with part number 1641293-00-d It is very different from some of the pictures posted by others and does not look like part number 1641293-97-B. My shelf only folds in half and does not have the clips at the front to lock into the magnetic rails. Has anyone else ordered 1641293-00-d and experienced the same thing ?
Pictures of the Parcel shelf 1641293-00-d
  • Notice no clips
  • No tri-fold
  • No Tesla part number sticker
Picked it up this morning from my local SOC along with my new pillar parts which all look fine


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Yes it is alcantara on the top
I'm just piecing together information, but having had a '16 MS and what I've seen for the Refresh S, this appears to be a refresh MS parcel shelf.
I've attached a pic from EPC of the MY parcel shelf and the areas where it tri-folds, but it may be prudent to be prepared to return/exchange the part for the correct one.


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    Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 3.43.04 PM.png
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I requested for a service appointment to take care of an unrelated issue, and I added the retrofit request ion. The estimate came back without any mention of cargo shelf. Does this mean a “no” on retrofit and parts? I am assuming so.

I do have a third-party cargo cover on-order from Amazon. if Tesla won’t retrofit I guess I I’ll have to make do with the one from Amazon…
I want to note that unless they have changed the design of the MY parcel shelf since September of last year the design is really awful and it will cause you more frustration than not having one. The shelf does not hold an in up position it just slides back down when you are trying to put stuff in the car.
I haven't put in the new side pieces yet, but I really doubt it will fit - I should have matched up part numbers at my dealership, but I was somewhat in a rush
So update on my shelf install: Turns out I ordered the correct parcel shelf - however Tesla sent a Model S shelf - at least this is what the SC said when I brought it back to them. They re-odered and got me the right shelf - they were very cool about it. Also, check when you get your new C-pillar trim, again I ordered the correct parts, but Tesla sent me 2 right hand sides and I didn't know until I got home and unwrapped the day of my install. After getting all the parts squared away, the install was too bad. Follow what others have said here on this thread and you will be OK. One complaint, is I did seem to lose a few of the edge clips that connect the lower trunk trim to the C Pillar trim. They are so small and a complete pain the ass to find once they drop down. Go slow when you are separating these pieces from back to front. I would recommend grabbing some at your SC when you order your trim pieces or you can order them in a pack from here: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256...2X83b6F&gatewayAdapt=glo2usa&_randl_shipto=US

Also, I did not transfer over my old trim foam. I figured that all new Model Y's must have this new black insulation, so I just didn't bother. I can't tell the difference.

Final verdict - the shelf looks nice and is fine for most of the time. It kinda sucks when you need to get stuff in the back and it doesn't stay when you retract it back. I think the shelf is not the best design. There is a video of this new design on another thread: Cargo cover not as good as expected. and here - Cargo cover not as good as expected

This looks like a multifold newer design so who knows. I wish I would have known about this "Z-fold shelf" before I ordered my parts in late January. Would I do it again ? Eh - maybe. YMMV

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