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Installed my wall charger - in Hawaii

$1300 for the install!!! apparently it required TWO journey man electricians ($125 per hour). Two? man,I would have gladly held the ladder and passed the screwdriver? I didn't watch, so maybe it's more of an effort than I thought? Or is that in line with what you all are paying? No way I would have done this myself, even though I have an MS in Computer Science (ha ha, like that is meaningful)

It's all set up and ready to rock and roll. Man... the charger was $500, so that's $1800 to solve a problem that I didn't have in the first place, as I have yet to remotely encounter a range issue. I just wanted that security of the fast charge if I needed it. So to make myself feel better, I have to say it will increase the value of my house, as EV's are big here in Hawaii and the house does have 70 solar panels.
The charger is like 10 feet from the electrical panel. They had to put pvc pipe through the wall, then along the corner of the ceiling and down to the charger. He drew an extra 220 line ( there was one, I didn't watch) , and the charger is on a 60amp circuit. Nothing special to do, as the panel had enough of the "whatever" that was required.
Haha I would pay for that ticket and hotel stay.

My place is more complex. I live in a sky rise and my parking spot is about 500+ feet from the panel. A sub meter is required and the contractor must be licensed in Hawaii. I’m estimating it will cost 6k to 7k. Still waiting for contractor to do a site evaluation.
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