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Instant acceleration saved me from being rear ended by a truck

I pulled up at a set of red traffic lights at the base of a hill today as did another car next to me.

I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw a tip truck closing in on us and it was obvious that he couldn't stop at the rate he was going. The intersection ahead was still clear so I stamped on the accelerator about a second before he clipped the side of the other stopped car and continued through the intersection.

If I had been in a manual in neutral, relying on a turbo to spool up or auto transmission to wake up I am sure I would have been hit, the car badly damaged and I probably have had severe whiplash.

I was also very lucky that no other cars were in the intersection.

The young family in the other car were shaken, but not injured.
Wow, glad you're ok, and happy to hear how a Tesla is a super-safe car even for rear-Enders!
did the truck driver stop after the accident??

Yes he stopped, gave his licence details to the other driver and then took off. I waited around until the other driver's wife and daughter had been picked up and a tow truck had turned up. I gave him my mobile number in case he needed a witness statement or something for insurance. Police turned up to make sure the car was off the road, but that was the extent of their interest given no one was injured.