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Interior color and kids

I have observed that a majority of the Model X cars (founders) that have been pictured so far seem to feature the new ultra-white interior, followed by black and lastly of tan. I have only seen one car with tan interior so far. I think the white interior looks very nice, but I wonder how well it stands up against accellerated wear in the form of kids? I was considering that most of the founders have grown-up kids and don't need to worry about this, or that they are wealthy enough to not care about such details.We are a middle class family with two kids (5 and 7) and I do care about durability, especially since the Model X would be stretch, finacially-wise. It's about 3X the cost of our current ride, a Mercedes E-class. My desire for a Tesla is partly idealistic, partly due to admiration of the brilliant engineering. Most of the cars I owned had either black or close to black interiors, and I would like a change to something brighter and, yeah I admit, something more luxorious. For a Tesla Model X, the only options are ultra-white or tan.What are your thoughts about the practicality of white and tan interiors in combination with kids?
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I can't seem to find the post or the picture of the configurator but I know I read somewhere that the ultra white seats come with a water or stain resistant coating.

They are also a very supple material. I was surprised how soft they were when I felt them at the reveal. I would be more worried about someone punching a hole in them with something sharp. Presuming they are as fragile as they are soft. They may very well be quite tough though.

I'm going to have a hard time NOT getting them myself now that they have been made available for us general production folks. No children here though. ;-)



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Apr 3, 2009
I'm of the understanding that the white is actually more durable than the black and tan leather options. My only concern is the doors. The white runs along the doors and I can see kids in a car seat kicking, spilling (god forbid, finding a crayon and writing) on that. I suppose some protectant might function there as well.
Thank you all for the input on this matter. The potential sensitivity to scratches and pins of the vegan seats will probably stear us towards a compromise, i.e. the tan leather interior. I am still puzzled by the lack pictures of the Model X with tan iterior; has the color gone out of fashion? Pointers to pictures are welcome!


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Dec 20, 2012
We have two kids, currently 10 and 11. We were debating between white and tan on the X. I was at the reveal and really liked the white.

Our first S had a black interior. It was ok, but lacking contrast. We sold that car and bought a D, and went with tan. I definitely prefer tan over the black. While it's still clean (I clean it 2x/year) and it has been treated, it is showing wear faster than I would have expected. Some of this came from the fact the car shipped with standard seats and had to have the next-gens swapped in later, and the shipping cartons didn't adequately protect them. They were compressed a bit during transit.

The X is going to be my wife's car, so while I've had input, ultimately it's her decision. I was pushing for blue/white, but my wife thought it was too much white between the seats and the dash, but synthetic was preferred over leather. If the white is more supple that is desirable, too. It's been quite a debate.

Ultimately, my wife wanted a white exterior, and while white/white appears to be a common choice by many here, we landed on white/tan with the black headliner. I will be treating the leather as soon as it arrives as I did with the S.

White comes with black seat belts. I wish tan did as well. :/

Tan on the X-


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Jun 19, 2012
Miami, Florida
I'm interested in more feedback on the white vs. tan vs. black interior. My wife and I are passionately debating which way to go. We had a tan Model S that I was always paranoid about the gets getting messy. Will black make me less worried about the kids destroying it easier? Will white make me lose my mind constantly worrying about the kids getting it the slightest bit dirty?

So at a loss right now for which interior holds up best with 7 y.o., 5 y.o. and 5 m.o. kids!!! It's actually the only thing preventing us from finalizing our Sig X.
We have three kids also, and I would never get white. Our GL has tan seats, and i can already see some blueing from the denim jeans. Whatever tesla we get will probably have black seats. It doesn't get that hot here to worry about the interior temp, and with a big black dog that will probably ride in the back the black should hide most hair and dirt.
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I would have chosen black if my kids were still young. They are now almost all driving so I cautiously went with tan and the white headliner. I enforce no food rule now that they are older and we have to stop every couple of hours anyway to charge and stretch. Good luck! Those were rough years on my minivans!
the white seats are the most beautiful i've ever seen in any car, including bentleys and rolls. the tone, texture and comfort of the seats are truly exceptional. yes, they probably will get dirty but the contrast with the black seatbacks remind me of the porsche 993 hardback sport seats. i just wished i can get the seat backs in the same color as the exterior
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