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Interior Lights?

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Love my new Basenor light tube kit (via amazon)

Added some electronic wizzardry to make it turn on and off with the footwell ambient lights.

Happy to share circuit for ambient light switch control if anyone interested


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Hi All,

Follow on from my post earlier...

I Attach the circuit diagram for this ambient light sensing circuit. This takes a very small amount of power (Max 3mA) form the ambient light positive feed wire and uses it to switch a relay connected to a much bigger 12V supply (i.e. cigarette lighter)
Used in my Model 3 to switch Basenor RGB Led kit on and off with the ambient footwell lights.

Feel free to copy the circuit and use it.
I will put together & post kits of parts for anyone who is interested, and even build the board for you if you like (for a small fee!)


Disclaimer - If you build this and plug it onto your Tesla - it is at your own risk (obviously!).

Relay HFD23/012-1ZS
Diode 1N4143
Resistors standard 0.25w 1%
Cap 0.47uF Metal film
Transistor BC337-40

Happy tinkering!


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Morning everyone,
Adding to my original basenor light tube kit, I have now put rgb strips in the footwells.
There was (luckily) spare solder pads for 12v and rgb in the Basenor controller. I have connected to this, and the new footwells follow the same colour and pattern set for the light tubes.


Happy to build and post relay switch board as posted in an earlier thread. Circuit for self build attached in an earlier post.

Happy tinkering
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