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Intermittent Loss of Autopilot and automatic lights

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My 2017 X100D has for the past few months at random lost the ability to use autopilot. I notice the car does not show the lanes on the dash. Interestingly it also has the lights turned on during the day when this occurs. Everything else works as normal, but no active cruise control or autopilot. When this happens if i power off the car in the menu, then hit the brake after 30s, it will restart the car. That has fixed the issue on some occasions, but other times nothing seems to fix it. I've tried all the reset techniques with the scroll buttons. I'm on 10.4 firmware now. This issue has persisted on 3 different firmware releases. Anyone else with similar? I live far from a service station, so they have offered to pick up the car and give me a loaner. But since this is such an intermittent issue, I'm not sure they will find anything, especially since all the mobile logs have been normal.

Thanks in advance for any help
All the logs are normal? That doesn't make much sense. If you call the support number, and tell them times that the problem surfaces, they have no clue what the car was doing? I would think they would see a camera fault or the like, because that's what it smells like, especially with the auto-lights issue.
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Agreed, but I've called service multiple times, they have checked all logs and reset whatever they can remotely, and did not tell me about any faults. I suppose I should let them take it to evaluate...
At this point, I think you have to... But good grief. Hope they at least give you a good loaner! And let us know what happens.

This is the textbook case for the logs, and it shows nothing. Wow!
I have a similar problem with AP 2.0, it intermittently doesn't work. The SC thought I might have a bad front camera so we replaced that and after that they even replaced the DAS ECU. I live at an elevation and my drive from home takes me immediately downhill, and I see the speed limit sign show up on the monitor for a brief moment and then it disappears. I assume that's the initial sequence of starting AP. After after a little while it again briefly shows the speed limit sign, and then nothing else happens through the trip, and TACC or Auto Steer don't work. I have better luck if I start from a flat parking lot, and in warm temperature. Too many, variables to debug what is going wrong.

Please let me know if anybody has ideas.
Hi @jdexter , Is this issue resolved for you where the Autopilot does not engage and the headlights come on intermittently? I recently got my model 3 (one month old) RWD 600miles old and have been noticing exact behavior and the online support team could not notice much from the logs and I was given a service appointment @Dublin Pleasanton service center to check things out. Would really appreciate if you can let me know your issue status and any potential fixes.