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Interstate 10 closed indefinitely between Indio and Blythe

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May 17, 2014
Central Valley
I don't know exactly the proper location for this announcement, so feel free to move it to a more apt location:

Because of the torrential downpour received the past couple of days in the desert east of Indio, a bridge has collapsed near the junction with SR177, about 35 miles west of Blythe. CalTrans and the CHP have closed the road indefinitely until appropriate repairs are made.

Accordingly, all traffic is being detoured.

My personally suggested routing would include Interstate 8 to Yuma, El Centro and then choosing between SR86 to Interstate 10 and Indio or Cabazon; continuing on Interstate 8 to San Diego and then up Interstates 5/15.

Possible alternates also include taking SR78 just west of Blythe to Brawley and then up either SR111 or SR86 back to Indio, or veering north to Parker, Arizona, and taking SR62 through Vidal Junction to where it rejoins Interstate 10 about 15 miles east of Cabazon. I have not plotted these routes on EVTripplanner, so I do not know if they are doable.

Additionally, I believe that SR177 (closed as of now, but perhaps will reopen in a few days) reaches Interstate 10 near the washed out bridge. I seem to recall that there is a frontage road along the north side of the freeway that may be accessible that heads west for about 6 miles before another onramp. It is possible that this might be a sensible alternative once they clean up the mess.

Above all, check California road conditions before venturing out across the Colorado or Mojave Deserts. There is an app for your phone (CARR) as well as the official CalTrans website to consult.

For those of you traveling between Southern California and Arizona, safe travels, and take an extra minute or two for planning before setting off!
I would avoid the 62 ...going west u will encounter strong head winds ...typically going from Indio SC to Cabazon SC I easily use 30% for ~30 miles of driving ...if I were coming from AZ I would take southern route thru El Centro where u have option for SC than cut up thru the 86/111 which will put u right at about the Indio SC