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iOS or WatchOS App for Tesla Solar

Whether there is "a lot more information" available depends on what someone has installed (inverter brand, powerwalls or no powerwalls, etc).

In any case I havent seen any generic apps but I am not looking for them either. If you have certain brand inverters, those brands may have an app that you can use (or apps, in some cases).

I dont believe there are any "works on everything" because its not like the cars, where everyone has the same model Y with the same stuff. Whether someone has panel level monitoring, etc etc depends on what was installed.

In any case, your best bet is to look for apps that support the inverter you have, if you are looking for more information than is in the tesla app.
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I'm not sure who that's directed towards but you really didn't give much information. As your second post on the forum I wouldn't say it's a great start. I have found this to be a great group of helpful individuals from around the world. Even if you receive some sarcasm please try to control the offended level...