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iPhone Tesla shortcut icons

Tesla Remote updated today to fixed iOS 13 shortcuts and also the bug I reported about the wrong heated seat being used on the Model 3 (passenger instead of driver) :)

Good job

I downloaded it again and been playing with it. It’s really powerful stuff and it can be configured with Siri (which is not very useful) but you can swipe left and get all your shortcuts in Widget.

so far I’ve created a few including:

1. Start charge at 00:30 and stop at 04:30. Trying to programme it to warm battery 30 minutes before calendar event (I work shifts and it’s on my calendar).
2. Lock car and flash lights
3. Stop charge and unlock port (for when I get my Pod-Point)
4. Defrost — when morning alarm stopped, will give option if outside temperature <1, to set heating to high and turn on defrosters and heat up seats.

we can create thread here of people’s shortcuts because they CAN be shared :)
Any decent guides you’d recommended for doing it that way?

Yeah I used a combination of a couple of Reddit/GitHub posts. I liked the one that didn’t store your account credentials inside the shortcut.

It gets your authentication token and stores it somewhere of your choice either notes or iCloud Drive, but you can copy and paste it manually if you prefer not to store it there. This expires every 45 days so you need to run the shortcut again to refresh it, so the stored note solution is a little more elegant as it updates all the other shortcuts you make.

From there I just edited one of the templates commands to change the API call to do what I wanted. It checks if the car is awake and loops that command until it's awake. Once it's awake it submits the actual command to the car, and you can daisy chain multiple ones together like the frunk and charge port in my example.

If you have an Apple Watch it seems they broke shortcuts in iOS13 but I hope they get it fixed soon. I get a 'shortcuts unavailable error'. Also be aware you may want to add an authentication phrase to a shortcut or only enable Siri when phone is unlocked for some security.

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