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Irving Service Center - 4450 W Walnut Hill Ln #150

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TDLR permit looks to be for another service center, this time in Irving. Projected to be ready in July.

Project Name:Tesla
Project Number:TABS2021012007
Facility Name:Gateway 161
Location Address:4450 Walnut Hill #150Irving, TX 75063
Location County:Dallas
Start Date:5/1/2021
Completion Date:7/1/2021
Estimated Cost:$120,000
Type of Work:Renovation/Alteration
Type of Funds:This project is privately funded, on private land for private use.
Scope of Work:Additional open office and restroom to first generation office pod
Square Footage:1,063 ft 2
I heard from a Tesla mobile service tech that came to my house yesterday they will be building a service "lite" center in Flower Mound soon.

That would be so awesome. The day my car was delivered, there was a second driver w/ a Model Y as a chase car.

They told me they had 4 deliveries, all in FM that day alone! They had the deliveries staggered out so the Y driver could go delivery to delivery, and then all 5 of them would head back to Tesla Plano.

I see tons of them all over town. One day there were 4 of us all in a row going down 3040.

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Just drove by. Nothing there, looks more like a warehouse versus a service center (complete with large truck docks). The only sign of Tesla was a "Tesla Energy" vehicle parked up front. I don't see anyway this will be a service center, more likely warehouse distribution for I'm guessing Tesla Energy. Did have a nice drive though!