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Is it possible to re-text the most recent contact?

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2020 MY, White, Black
Jul 29, 2020
Louisville, KY
I love texting in my MY but creating repeated messages to the same person is a bit tedious. Answering incoming texts is fine, but sending multiple texts to the same person is a multi-step process. As an example, I'll text my wife about supper on the way home from work. When she doesn't answer, I'll have to text her again, which involves speaking her name, selecting it from the list, etc.

My question, is there a way to send a new message to the last person you texted? I think being able to double (or triple) tap the right scroll wheel would be a neat way to short-cut this process. Or maybe a quick voice command: "re-text". What do you think?
I thought I saw repeated messages somewhere in release notes?

“As for the updates to the text messaging system Tesla elaborates, "Consecutive messages from the same sender will now be displayed and dictated together for an improved viewing and listening experience.”
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is there a way to send a new message to the last person you texted?
Not that I'm aware of. But you might be able to make it easier to select your wife's name by making it unique. My problem was slightly different... the voice system couldn't locate my wife's name in the directory because it assumed a different spelling. My solution was to add a duplicate contact in my phone for my wife with an unambiguous computer-friendly spelling. In your case, voice command "message to Z"... at least it would bypass the selection process.

Now I just need a good alibi for when my wife finds hundreds of messages to some woman named "Janet".;)