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Is it safe to take a road trip with the rear drive disabled?

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We recently drove on vacation with our 2022 LR M3. We are just under 10k miles on the odometer. It's been driving fine up until this morning, we went to pull out and the car was freaking out showing rear drive motor disabled as soon as we put it into drive. There was also one or two large "clunks" from what sounded like the right rear wheel. At first it was totally undriveable and would not allow us to put the car into drive. We just installed the most recent software update and now are able to drive and get the "rear motor disabled" warning and a speed limit of 65 mph. I am wondering if it is safe for us to make the trip back home (around 3-400 miles). The closest service center is about 2.5 hours away in the opposite direction of home. We absolutely love the car but are hoping to avoid getting stranded, whether that be here or on the ride home :)

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I figured I would update everyone. We ended up having it towed to a service center about 2.5 hours away. They replaced the entire rear drive in just over a day and we were on our way. They also replaced an O-ring on the Trunk Strut, not sure why it was needed or if this is a pre-emptive thing on their end. My only complaint is we didn't ask for uber credits/had to drive the 2.5 hours each way to pick the car up. Overall real happy with how Tesla did. Just broke 10k on the trip home

The PN for the rear drive was: ASY, P-TRN, RMN, 3DU-R 630 MOSFET NO GND(1521487-00-B)
Exactly the same thing happened to my M3P (4500 miles) yesterday while in Atlantic City and was towed 60 miles to the SC in Cherry Hill NJ at 10 pm. After supercharging, heard a loud clunk in the rear! Vehicle was completely disabled. Waited approximately 1 hour for the tow and ubered back to my hotel. Waiting for SC to replace the rear drive unit. And OBTW “home” is about 200 miles in eastern Long Island. Glad to hear about your positive outcome, hope Tesla can turn this around quickly.