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Is my badge wonky or have I lost the plot?

Wonky or not?

  • Willy wonka

  • Look's alright to me

  • That's how it's meant to be

  • Who give's a sh*T?!

  • Can't tell - need to see another angle

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Do you think my dual motor badge is wonky, or am I imaging it/ that's how it's meant to be because of the curvature of the boot lid?!

When it was in for a service I mentioned it and they said they "tested it with a badge tool". They also said they fixed the boot, which still isn't right. But that's another story...

Please tell me I'm going mad so I can stop looking at it!...

Pictures with and without a line (thanks Microsoft Paint).

Wonky badge 1.png

Wonky badge 1 w line.png
A bit more air in the left rear tyre.
A second badge on the left canted to even things up
Complain about Tesla build care and write lots of messages on assorted tesla groups....
Angle the number plate in line with it and really wind everyone up
drive faster so no-one ever gets close behind to see it.
Take your left shoe off when you walk behind
This way madness lies..

These badges are applied with a template that aligns with the boot lid, so it will be straight relative to that at least.


(not my car)

Now, whether the boot itself is totally straight or not is another matter.

It looks right to me to be honest.
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