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Is Phantom Braking Still a Problem?

I looked for a “phantom braking” discussion, and this forum is what was presented. Yes, I was aware it was a model Y forum. i Have not been able to identify the “same spot”, that would make it easier.
Yeah, you're fine here. You can disable the automated braking system in the settings somewhere. I did that. Problem solved. You bought a solid electric car with mediocre to bad driver-assistance features.
Yes, PB is still an issue. Prior to purchase, I was really concerned with this too; but after driving the car for awhile, I pretty much can anticipate when the car might brake. The usual suspects are overpass shadows, auto carriers (but not solid tractor trailers for whatever reason) in my right adjacent lane, and (mostly large) vehicles exiting right in your adjacent lane. I’ve learned to disengage AP when in the vicinity of these things, keeping my speed, and then reengage AP. I just took a 1200 mile round trip to NC from NY and back, and only had two unanticipated PB events, neither particularly jarring. YMMV.

What did bother me about my trip was the new emergency vehicle recognition. While in the left lane of a two lane stretch on I-95N, with not many other cars around, I got the new warning on my display, and the car quickly decelerated from 80 to 45 about two to three miles back from the flashing lights on the police car, which was completely off on the right shoulder, leaving the right lane open and unobstructed.
Happened twice.
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We had about 10-12 PB on our first trip with it going from SLC to Zion National Park. Most of the way it was fine but once the road was flat as can be and no traffic around it would start randomly braking. Curvy roads at night with cars? No issues. Straight road with absolutely nobody around in broad daylight? PANIC


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Nov 13, 2021
Still a problem. Was in middle lane of I-5 this week, set at 70 and phantom braked with no vehicles on either side, a vehicle quite a distance in front. And a very angry driver behind when my model X suddenly braked hard. Brought it into the shop yesterday....let's see what they say and what they'll charge me!
My MYLR had two recent PB events that appear random. Going around a curve on the freeway at speed, it did a hard PB when it was next to a SUV in the right lane. A few days later a truck and a car involved in a fender bender and stopped in the right lane, the MY had passed both vehicles and then did a hard brake to almost a full stop with cars behind me. I have taken to using AP when there are less cars around and if there's a truck in the right lane, I disengage AP.
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I started a thread about my experience with vision based cruise control and the issues we have with it.

TLDW: No, it isn't fixed, far from it. In fact compared to the other 2 Tesla's we have owned it is worse than ever on the vision based cars.

I'm sad to say we decided to trade our 2021 Y for a Mach-E due to this reason. This was not something we wanted to do but we refused to own a car where we could not use the cruise control safely.
This is a serious safety issue. These Teslas pose big dangers to other people. NHTSA got a lot of complants recently. Can NHTSA force Tesla to recall all vision vision only Y to fix the issue?



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Oct 9, 2019
Waterloo, ON
any improvement of this slowed down problem with the recent software update?
I've noticed it less, but it could be I'm using the adaptive cruise less as well. A few days after I posted that the hood latch sensor failed and the car was convinced the hood was up and refused to let me use cruise. I drove the next day for 6 hours without cruise and haven't really used cruise a lot since. When I did use it I noticed a few times, but I've kinda gotten used to it and responded. When I travel for Christmas, I'll be more likely to be using it.
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This is a serious safety issue. These Teslas pose big dangers to other people. NHTSA got a lot of complants recently. Can NHTSA force Tesla to recall all vision vision only Y to fix the issue?

Good question. It is labeled as beta and calls out the risk when you enable it, so not sure if that limits Tesla's liability...
I live in Indiana and my Autopilot use cases are NOA, FSD Beta, and public build Autopilot. All three features get used the majority of the time on 45 mph or higher roads. Let's talk NOA. NOA seems to be the most reliable and least phantom braking I experience on the interstates of Indiana and beyond. I have the least issues and most reliability with NOA. The only issue I face is sometimes NOA thinks the semi-truck next to me is cutting into my lane but in reality, the semi-truck is still in its lane and has not passed the white dotted lines.

FSD Beta is by far the worst with phantom braking especially 10.4 and 10.5. I have had the worst experience with phantom braking. Their are many times in which their are no navigation speed limit issues or issues in the vector space. It just phantom breaks for reason that beta testers don't have any ideas since we get limited information on the logs.

Public Build Autopilot with radar. I had the best experience with radar-based autopilot. Phantom braking happens but not enough to concern me or ruin my experience with the system. I could drive my whole 60-mile freeway trip and have no issues at all. Public Build Autopilot with vision-only is still a decent experience but their is a lot more phantom braking for me but less than FSD Beta. This is surprising to me because NOA works so so so well for me.
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I've been testing the Auto Navigate for a few days now and like some of the individuals stated here. You know when it's going to happen and can anticipate it. But it's not what you want in a car and hopefully they'll address it soon. It pretty consistently phantom breaks when passing under bridges or overpasses. Especially when transitioning into the evening and the shadows being cast are larger.

Definitely not worth buying FSD upfront. But certainly worth playing with as a subscription and re-activating once they have it "Production Ready"

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