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Is Tesla Y better than other all electric SUVs?


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Nov 12, 2019
I’m on my second Tesla, a ’22 YLR, and I have loved both of them. But I’d say the iX is a better vehicle generally than the Y. My caveat would be the price point is a level or more up, so its not an honest apples/apples.
Didn’t like the Korean competition at sameish price point as much. And all this is leaving aside the superhcharger network, which is still a deal breaker for many,


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Dec 28, 2022
Duluth, GA
Spotted BYD in Costa Rica, looking like a pretty strong competitor
I can say as much as I dislike my Y in terms of build quality and lack of features (Carplay, Sirius, ambient lighting etc..) I cannot find a vehicle that can match the driving experience, performance & cargo capacity. I have researched every EV competitor and while some can compete in 2 categories no one can compare in all 3 areas.
Rivian R1S? and the Porsche Macan EV is right around the corner.


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Feb 11, 2020
So this is a more important measure of build quality and design, too. Right?

Exactly, this is a big reason for keeping my MY. And I bought when AZ let me register it for 5 years for like $8 vice $3500 or so for an ICE vehicle over that same 5 years. They've since changed the law to make registration higher for EV's but as long as I keep this one I'm grandfathered in so there's that. I'd still like to upgrade to a newer MY or a competitors within 2-3 years or so - hopefully ALL EV's will improve by then so I have options I can't pass up! It's been a long time since I've kept a car more than 3 years and it's been 2.5 years already with my MY so I'll be looking for a good excuse :).
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So this is a more important measure of build quality and design, too. Right?

Where the hell did they get the idea that Tesla is a "luxury" brand. LOL!
The model 3 & Y are nowhere in the same galaxy as the term "luxury". Compare the 3 or the Y to any of the competitors (Lexus, Benz, Porsche, BMW etc...) at the same price point and anyone will be able to see that it's no contest.
The S & the X are luxury without question. To include the 3 & Y in any luxury category is foolish at best and dismisses any credibility that 'study' had.
One thing I didn't see in that CNN article is what I've heard around here: That Ford is losing money on every Mach-E that they're selling.

This brings up Musk's quote: "Anybody can build a prototype. Building a car for volume production is hard."

From the looks of things, the Mach-E isn't precisely a prototype. But the changes that need to be made in the car to bring the costs into line have yet to be done. (Although I'm sure that Ford Engineering is sweating bricks on the subject right now.) The idea is to get something out the door so the company doesn't become completely irrelevant to consumers in the near term.

One of the things that Munro pointed out was the re-use of Standard Components from Ford's internal orderbook. Where Tesla, in the ramp-up, would design and build a Widget that did three (or five or six) related jobs all at once, Ford, in the mad dash to get something, anything out the door, used numbers of single-function devices to make up the same functionality as Tesla's one Widget. In this case, it wasn't just the multiple parts that were Evil: To hook all the parts together one needed hoses and wires, control circuits, mounting brackets, and so on. And since the problems weren't just in One Thing (like, say, cooling), but in multiple systems, one has the additional problems, cost, and design complexity of shoehorning all this stuff into a car. I'd say it's a miracle that Ford pulled it off in the first place. Which is nice, but then I direct the crowd to Musk's Quote, above.

And if any of you haven't seen the scene in Munro's tear-down video of the front end of the Mach-E, where he faints in shock and gets revived by an Octovalve, now would be the time.

(And, yes, that video and others on the Mach-E were some of the reasons why the SO and I went for a Model Y a year and some ago.)

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