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Is the Tesla Powerwall real

I just got off the phone with Tesla Energy. This is the fifth person I spoke to this month. The last four have promised to absolutely call me back that afternoon, maybe tomorrow morning at the latest to give me an update on my Chicago powerwall order I places two years ago and nobody ever calls back. That has been the story of over a dozen calls in the last two years. The lady today said that there was nothing I could do just wait till they start doing installations in my area even though according to this forum and e-mails I get from Tesla itself installations have started in Chicago.

Only once did I get a callback and that person promised to get my order started about three months ago but then I never heard of him again.

I can only conclude that this is one great Ponsi scheme and that all the pictures on this forum are just faked. It can't be this hard to buy a product if that product really existed.
I have wondered the same thing about the elusive powerwalls over the years.

Mine were installed (4 of them) about four weeks ago (in Arizona) been operational now for about a week. It seems Tesla is approaching installs and availability in batches by area. Maybe, focusing on making PWs available in areas with battery rebates. A couple years ago I submitted a request to be notified when PWs were available in my area and I feel like it was about six months after my utility agreed on a program of 5000 Reservation/application based rebates of about ~$3600, that I revived an email this last July from Tesla saying PWs were now available in my area.

The installation lead said they’ve been busy doing them every day, and for various reasons between the city, the utility, and Other nuanced issues, they have had to come back several times over the last few weeks from the time they started the install until utility commissioning. On more than one occasion they sent somebody over from another near by install site to deal with inspectors and various follow ups. So it seems they like to focus on areas in batches to make this work, and rebates with limited time frames and availability tend to help with local proximity “batching” of these installations. Just a theory, I have no idea if this is really why they seem to be available in some areas and not others.