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Is there a knack to disabling auto fold on the mirrors?

A few times recently when needing to drive to work in the cold weather my mirrors have been frozen in the folded in state. I have tried a few times now to turn off the "Auto-fold mirrors" toggle in the Settings (and I see the green tick "Saved" pop up appear near my profile name), but then when I get out of the car at home and it walk away locks the mirrors fold in anyway. Is there a particular order I need to be doing things to force the car not to auto fold the mirrors when parked at home?
Ok so I just checked and no, they weren't disabled on the easy entry profile - however after turning them off there (and it supposedly saving the setting) I then noticed that manually changing between the Easy Entry and my driving profile that it seems to reset the auto fold option to on each time I swap! I've left it off and supposedly saved for now (and upon walking away it has locked and not folded), but I will check next time to see if it resets it again.
Even though they advertise driver profiles almost as a big feature, unfortunately does feel like easy entry was another one of those things that wasnt properly adapted and they just created another linked profile.
An I right in thinking the setting for auto-fold mirrors is global, as in you can’t disable it for home etc? Don’t want to go outside in the cold to check the car :)

There's an option to always fold at current location - but not to disable at current location only (ie. home)...

If you forget and they freeze in place while folded they're not going to get damaged - they just don't unfold until the ice has been cleared off the mechanism :p
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