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Is there a way to start charging based on my solar panels outputting energy?

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Hi, not sure if this is in the right forum. I wondering if there is a way to have my Tesla start charging when my solar panels are outputting enough energy. Maybe something like IFTTT app?
I have Enphase Energy micro inverters and I can easily tell when they are generating enough power to not pull power from the grid to charge. I obviously don't charge at night, but sometimes it's cloudy for instance. In that case I would rather wait to charge during a time when all power can come from the panels.
I had solar panels up long before I got my Tesla. I would generate enough energy to power my house without any charges from the grid. Once I got the Tesla, I noticed that my electric charges had gone way up. However, by carefully selecting my charging time, I have significantly reduced my electric bill. I'm hoping to automate this scheduling.

Any ideas?

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We use an OpenEVSE to charge our Model 3. It has an optional network interface, and if you are skilled with some light programming/scripting, you can send it commands that reduce the “advertised amperage” or simply enable/disable charging. In our testing, the Tesla responds immediately by adjusting its power draw accordingly. All J-1772 compliant cars are required to support this ability.

We use this feature to avoid high demand charges from our utility. If the electric water heater comes on, or other high power consumers that are monitored, our home automation system sends API commands to the OpenEVSE to adjust available amperage accordingly.

If we didn’t have 100% net metering on our solar, we’d also limit charging to follow panel output.

Does your EVSE have an API?
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