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Vendor Is this a new color??

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I had a 90D in I have never seen this color. Before polishing it I was sure it was the metallic black but when I got done and pulled it out side! OH wow! It had way more flake than the other ones I've done and almost a green/purple tint to it. I know I'm good at correcting paint but to turn a color I've never seen??? side note service preformed on this one was a full, paint correction, Xpel ultimate self healing paint protection film on about 70% of the car, powder coated the wheels satin black, did a full brake disassemble/reseal and powder coat of the calipers K40 integrated front and rear radar system, and 3M Crystalline 70% all the way around including the front window. Topped everything all complete interior/exterior protective coating Opti Coat Pro Plus. This color is nuts! Enjoy!



Showing off the results of a true paint correction! No swirls, no scratches just pure gloss!


The car came in with about 2000 miles and it had been washed at a local car wash so it was heavily swirled up. We ended up with close to 15 hours of correction work aside from everything else!

Can you tell there is a radar diffuser in that bumper? Nope! But you could shave in that reflection!

Inside the shop it was just glowing under our florescence!

So am imagining things or this color new?

Thanks for looking!
Joseph Torbati
Bay Area OCDetail

P.S. First Multi Coat red p90d L I've had in the shop. Looked amazing after correction, coating, and Xpel!
Thats what I thought but I've done a few that looked much blacker than this one

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For comparison this local member JPP's Obsidian Black I did a few months ago. Still perfect out in the sun but not nearly as greenish/purple.
Hard to tell, Joe---would need to park ours next to the one you just did. But you used Xpel and OptiCoat Pro on the one you are commenting on, and on ours there is no film/Xpel, and you used cQuartz, so maybe that is the reason why it looks different. Haven't actually heard of a new color.