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Is Version 3 Supercharging any faster on Raven?

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Have seen two youtuber's try the Las Vegas V3 supercharger and they ramped up only to around 150 kw charging speed.

Curious if anyone else has tried a V3 supercharger somewhere else and noticed any faster charging speed with the Raven Model S or X?

Tesla advertised that faster charging was one of the benefits of upgrading. Assuming it's something they can adjust with software updates, but at least from those two people and that particular V3 charger, there was no actual increase in charging speed.

Before sending anything to Tesla, thought I'd ask and see if any real world owners have seen faster charging speeds? Supposedly, the S & X Ravens are supposed to charge up to 200 kw.
My 2016 S90D was able to get 137kw on supercharger yesterday so I can confirm older models charge faster than 125kw. I was steady at 137kw for a good few minutes before another Tesla pulled in next to me and it immediately dropped to 102kw. :(
This obsession over peak charge rate is short sighted. Really everyone should only be looking at the overall charge curve. Who cares if the speed temporarily spikes but otherwise is slower than a consistent rate? Bigger picture I want less time between 10 and 90 rather than higher peak rate initially.
The few threads asking about increased charge rates from V3 hardly indicate an "obsession." And, of course less charge time is the objective, which is exactly what the higher rates of charge from V3 have achieved -- at least for Model 3. See Tesla V3 Supercharger: We Put the Latest Fast Charger to the Test - Motor Trend. Still waiting for someone to compare V2 vs. V3 overall charging time on MS.
How many miles of charge per hour were you achieving?

See below: