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ISO LR Model 3

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I'd appreciate any advice on things to look for and tips on when/where to buy. I'd favor a private seller, but could also get one from Tesla. Is it best to wait until January? Do prices vary much seasonally? I'm not interested in full self driving and want to find one with miles on the low side.Thanks!
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I've bought several cars off eBay; P85+, Miata, FJ Cruiser, 2 VW Passats and sold one Model S over eBay too.
Same here. I see a lot of scammers out there especially when it comes to saying that a car has AP. That's actually what happened with mine and I had to get a Lawyer involved. Good news, if it happens to you via a FL dealer I have a great lawyer for you. haha.
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just make sure you run the VIN and have Tesla confirm all the options, like in service date, which is when they start the clock on warranties. Example, my car was manufactured March 2014, but didn't get titled until March 2015, I assumed (incorrectly) that my warranty would expire in March 2018, it didn't, it was under factory warranty until March 2019 and is still under the powertrain warranty that goes until March 2023... so do your homework, most the dealers are complete idiots and have no idea about FSD, AP2, Subzero, in service date, etc.

In fact their are some great 2017 P100D's getting into the high $70K online.... so I'm keeping my eyes open for a great deal.