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Issues post delivery

Paint or other issues with the car spotted during/ after collection

  • No issues to be concerned about

    Votes: 5 33.3%
  • Minor issues not requiring fixing eg missing items

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Car need booking in

    Votes: 10 66.7%

  • Total voters
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Just wondering the percentage of people who have issues with their car and had booked their m3 in at the sc.
Had a SC visit today (was booked on 23rd August) in Birmingham. It was for a minor Paint scratch and the rear drivers side door is misaligned slightly at the bottom. Arrived at 8am, they quickly (3 mins) had a look, agreed it needed fixing, and then booked me in to have it fixed on the 21st Oct. I Drove from Leicester (home) to Birmingham then to Derby (work)! 2hrs 30mins driving for 3mins for then to be given a October time slot! It will be in for 7days and you get a loaner car, what ever that is?
I had issues with:

(1) warped seal around the boot
(2) mis-aligned rubber trim on the driver’s window
(3) badly misaligned rear door

(1) and (2) were fixed at a SC visit, which was meant to take 1.5 hours but ended up taking 4 hours. They couldn’t fix (3) during that time, so it’s going back in next month. They’re also going to look at mis-aligned silver trim on the other rear door, and the driver’s door now makes a scraping sound when opened / closed.
My car went to Dartford on Wednesday, I should get it back Tuesday they say. Driver door, frunk lid and boot lid alignment issues. Also some minor paint issues. I've got a S 90D as a loan car - very nice.
SMS communications with Dartford very good, response within 10 mins. Drop off very efficient, they marked the car with wax (?) pen to highlight the issues.