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Issues with 24/96 Hi-Res Audio


I have the premium sound sound system (but doesn't matter for this particular issue).
I tried to play a 24/96 hi-res album (outstanding recordings from Blue Coast Records - Piano "While She Sleeps").

The rendering is superb on my home stereo.
In the Tesla, the file is playing really bad - lot of back ground sound and the actual music is playing at a rather low level compared to standard recording sounds.
The file is a hi-res wav - But I have also tried converting it to flac : same sound : same issue.

I am sure the file is ok (as I said : plays fine at home - and when I play it on my mac via iTunes (where it has previously been converted to itunes format - but still 24/96 hi-res) is it still ok : no loud back ground pink noise.

So ok everywhere, except in the Tesla.
It is not about 'is premium sound worth the upgrade, and so on'.
24/96 files from Blue Coast Records (one of the best recording studios in the world) are playing at low level with very much back ground pink noise.
It is not an audiophile question - I mean the issue is very obvious and can be heard by anybody.

Car is new from June - So it has the current firmware (6.2.xxx).

Anybody with the same issue ? Explanations ? Solutions ?

Thanks a lot.
I grabbed a copy of 'Jane Selkye & Chris Lee - Slow Day' from their samples(24/96 wav).

Played flawlessly on my Mac.

Played on Tesla and hear some hissing in background.

Other 24/96 and 24/192 wav files DO NOT have any hissing on Tesla. Only the Blue Coast sample hisses.
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Quite the mystery. Any audio engineers care to hazard a guess? This is surprising, given the studio involved.

My only $0.02 at this point is that we're up to and probably beyond 6.2 (2.5.21) now, not that it appears that the problem is at the car's/codec's end.

I was just about to add some music from hdtracks.com - will be sure to listen carefully just in case.
These problems aren't limited to lossless, even a high bitrate MP3 sounds terrible in the Tesla system. I play the SAME file from my phone over bluetooth (adding more loss) and it sounds way better. WTF? Tesla?

I noticed this after how horrible my entire collection sounded, but when playing slacker it sounds a lot better on the same tracks. Something weird is afoot. Just to be sure I asked a friend who is a recording engineer, and he concurred.

Also, The forum is littered with many reports of this since the first customers got their cars.

I'm glad I didn't pay Tesla for the $2.5k upgrade!