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Issues with the Greenlots CHADeMO Charger on 100 Water Street in Charlottesville VA

Used this station both headed south down 20 to FarmVille this morning and tonight on the way north. - it charged for ten minutes and then stopped both this AM and PM. I re-started it and it worked fine at a peak charge rate of 78 MPH (370 Volts and 65 AMPS). Is this normal? Also what is causing it to shut down (besides the fact that I walked half a mile away to dinner when it happened and ditto for breakfast this am).... I wouldn't use this location next time. thoughts on what is going on?
You might have better luck at the other CHAdeMO nearby on 1st and E. Market St. We've been able to charge at 133 mi/hr on that one before. However, both of the downtown Charlottesville fast chargers have been reported recently as having problems with one of their power modules being out which has slowed the charging speed dramatically.

There are also CHAdeMO stations at Homewood Suites and the Nissan dealer north of town on Rt. 29.

Unfortunately, I'm hearing a lot of negative reviews on the Greenlots CHAdeMOs around the state, especially those in the Tidewater area. If you look on plusher, most (if not all) have comments about being out of service, error codes etc. It's too bad to see since they are expensive to install and ultimately will might give the wrong impression that EV ownership is a hassle. Hopefully there will be a Supercharger in C'ville in the near future.
Just got back from my second trip to Charlottesville to 2 weeks and the other Chademo charger in the downtown Mall Parking on 104 1st Street N was also very slow (24 MPH) I switched over to the HPWC and got 48 MPH. Also I went by the Colonial Nissan Dealer on 100 Myer Dr and the Chademo there wouldn't connect and came up with an error code. Thank god I got the dual charger option!

I would go back the first greenlots charger on 100 water street - at least it got 78 MPH using Chademo....
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